Would Asking Pfizer for Better Data on Boosters Cost Lives? | The FDA Employees Who Quit

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. Either way anyone at FDA that dares to defy the politicians will be moved out. Pfizer and the other companies need these kind of people out of the way to make more money. Take for example the continued use of the EUA two years into and beyond the pandemic. The world is moving on, but according to the FDA we are still in an emergency and we need to cut corners to get these drugs out there.

  2. Somewhere in here we also have to acknowledge that we have allow physicians to say NO without threat of being fired, losing their license etc. And if the person needs a letter because of mandates, tough! The person and the doctor know the risk/ benefit ratio and should be allowed to make the choice.

  3. 100% Right! Corrupt across the board! everything was orchestrated to insure Pfizer/Moderna maximized product share…very very very bad situation!

  4. Would like to hear what you have to say about the Danish scientist interviewed on Unheard, mRNA vaccines showed no benefit when all cause mortality was looked at, not enough data to be sure but enough to ask questions and ask for more data (over a longer time frame)

  5. I’d like to know how many people will die due to rushing these into millions of people thanks to mandates. We now know there are 8 pages of adverse reactions & we have no idea what the long term issues may be.

  6. Careful man, keep going and they'll sick the FBI, CIA and Lee Harvey ozwald onto you.

    Not to mention the new federal department of misinformation.

    And watch those New california proposed laws, you could be STUCK OUT bro.

  7. I'm an old person and I never bother ed and never will bother with flu and plain water, sorry, Covid vaccines. I'm doing fine, unlike the poor fools younger than me who are suffering and will suffer the consequences of falling for the complete and utter bollocks of the last two years.

  8. @Dr. Vinay Prasad: There are many ppl who have appreciated your talk (this one) and have mentioned your courage in saying things the way you do.
    I wish to put my name down in that list. Way down, I know, but on the list.
    There are a couple of detractors – talking about how they are engineers and that they go by the data. Well, there are naturally naive ppl and then there are deliberately ignorant ppl. Ppl (like that engineer who validates himself by talking about "confidence intervals") ought to know that deceit is different from lying – that is to say, ppl can deceive without lying. Statistics and the underlying data is just that – the art of deception without lying.
    So, once again, well done, doc! Stay blessed!

    HC-JAIPUR (04/May/2022)

  9. “”The number of severe complications after vaccination against Sars-CoV-2 is 40 times higher than previously recorded by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI)," a study with around 40,000 participants by the Berlin Charité concludes.”

  10. Dr. Prasad, have you seen the FOIA pages from Pfizer covid vax trials? I wonder what your opinion is on the data showing ~2% death rate in the first 3 months of trials, with several other mild, and some more severe reactions.

  11. Without even analyzing this particular intervention in this particular instance, the answer to “would waiting for data have cost lives” is an obvious no. Setting the precedent to allow pharmaceutical intervention absent data is going to cost lives; perhaps not this time, but in aggregate in the future more will die; in particular when you add a multi billion dollar incentive to the proposed medicine. Allowing political machinations to supersede product data combined with the billion dollar incentives is a recipe for utter disaster.

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