Would Bernie & the Squad Vote for Ukraine $$ if Trump Was President? – Glenn Greenwald answers

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Bernie Sanders, the Squad, and the entire Progressive Caucus all voted to authorize $40 billion more dollars for the Ukraine proxy war. Would they have done this if Trump was president instead of Biden? Or would they have suddenly cared about starving babies?

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  1. "May God(yeah, I know) write us down as asses if ever again we are found putting our trust in either the Republican or the Democratic parties," W.E.B. DuBois

    – As long as politics is the shadow cast on society by big business, the attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance. John Dewey

  2. This has been my thesis from the very beginning–I'm so glad someone who matters is saying this. The "Russian meddling" story has been pervasive, pernicious, and absolutely disingenuous.

    GRE words there, but seriously.

  3. Not sure I would agree. I bet the MIC would allow the Dems to do their social media/PR dance about the bad old orange man but ensure a majority vote through the gravy train of $$$.

  4. America needs to stop this MAD assumption that they are giving "taxpayers money" to other countries…. This 40 billion to Ukraine that was going around US media for years during Trump. It was never about sending money. It was always, always about a weapons deal. They wanted to buy weapons and the US said if you buy AMERICAN weapons, we will give you a huge discount. It was a discount voucher. NOT free money. On a deal that america would have made loads of money on.

    And in the few rare cases when america DOES send money to other countries, like the 10 billion they paid to Ahmed Ahmedinejad of Pakistan to bribe him out of dealing with the Taliban… They simply printed those dollars and sent them down to Pakistan in a bomber plane with pallets full of dollar bills… Didnt cost america a single cent. All freshly printed out of thin air.

  5. The libs would even lock up Snowden all because he went to Russia to flee Obama. Assange is another victim of this Russophobia propaganda. The truth has got to come out.

  6. I rarely disagree with Glenn, but I don't agree that the Democrats genuinely believe their many lies about Russiagate.
    "Russia must be destroyed" is the bipartisan consensus of both parties, the MIC and the Deep State. This is not about payback this about American global domination.
    For sure they genuinely hate Putin.

  7. Bernie watches CNN for his war information. He doesn't get the inside info on things there like people think. He's a man of his age buying into WW2 fervor. He thinks he's saving Ukraine and Russia is a bad country. I understand him better than you and witness him working his ass off regularly for the sake of changing things here for the poor. However he's shitty on foreign policy sometimes and this is one of those times.

  8. I must admit that one of the most embarrassing parts of this pandemic has been watching the "left" align with totalitarian government forces who do the bidding of banksters and pharma.

  9. Short of a nationwide intervention, I'm thinking that we're going to have to teach by example. A strong local government throughout the states is what's needed to take on the federal as well as the state establishment governments.

  10. LP reacted d ryt way, she is Virginee.Uno need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve *considerationse. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

  11. I'm only liking this to support this great show, as Greenwald seems very griftcentric of late. Cue people in the chat telling me to go, or I'm a shitlib, etc. Beat you to it.

  12. Pols on the left right and in the middle have funded one of the longest wars in human history, aka "the arms race". The so called "arms race" was America trying to get the nuclear drop on the Sovs so they could launch a preemptive nuclear strike on them, and Russia simply "responding", i.e. "defending" against never ending, US aggression.

  13. Anyway you shake it, that grotesque handout to the Ukrainians was downright criminal and treasonous to the American people. I can't stand either party but some discrepancy surely could have mustered.

  14. It's pathetic to think that us peasants can find the truth for ourselves, but Bernard and his merry band of traitors who should know better (like they're paid to know better), are either claiming they're geopolitically illiterate or pandering to the people who still think Ukraine is the victim in all of this.

    They can't not know about the CIA-led ultranationalist coup in 2014, or the bonfire of Socialists and trade unionists in Odessa for protesting the coup, or the suffering the Donbas has endured because of the coup, so they're either sellouts or idiots unfit to be politicians, either way these so called left-wing Socialists are the only voice the people have in US politics and they turned their backs on you, just let me know when the Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Honywell etc. checks hits their accounts.

  15. I still think it’s amazing how quickly Putin caused the baby food shortage by causing abbot to buyback their own stocks rather than investing in their failing infrastructure. He’s likely planning on causing the us stock market to decline through inflation by tricking Congress into sanctioning Russian oil and goods while pumping B-b-billions into one of the most corrupt governments on earth in Ukraine, and forcing the fed to increase interest rates while no one here can afford to buy a home or drive to work …nefarious af…

  16. The West uses the same type of rhetoric and narratives against Russia that 1930's Germans used toward a certain non-Christian group in Europe. For example, Germans of the period banned music from these composers, and recently a Russian composer was fired in Germany. Even the Great 'Tchaikovsky has been currently banned. The West like the Germans is not waging an ideological war against the Russians but an ethnic war.

  17. It is so sad to see how pathetic the global socialists/communist have became. Bernie and squad is living in your head rent free. Instead of apologizing for promoting these bossos, you guys bitch mourn and complain. Seems like you have no talking points without the great American socialists! The Socialist Messiah will never come. Learn from the history.

  18. So, let me get this straight. We need to send weapons to Ukraine to protect us from the evil of mother Russia. And, so now those weapons are being used by the Ukrainian army to bomb their own citizens. And Russia is trying to defeat the army that is killing its own citizens. So let’s send Ukraine $53 billion in weapons. Did I get all of this right,because it is almost like entering the theater of the absurd? WTF!

  19. Broadly speaking, Putin has put Russia back on its feet and that is what rankles the usual suspect nut jobs in our permanent government the most. All this has been long planned, as was Iraq before it. Our support for the 2014 coup was to give "her" the pretext she wanted to start this provocation of Russia 6 years ago. Trump got in the way by winning.

    So, plan B was to inundate the world with 4 years of completely false Russiagate nonsense which was the pretext for carrying out this BS proxy war now. This does not imply support for Trump, but there is no doubt that these neolib/neocon Dems are every bit as bad, maybe even worse. And even Sanders seems to have bought into it. I would like to think that the Bernie Sanders of 30 years ago would not have been fooled.

  20. I love this show, and I love the Katie Halper show. Katies voice and wonderful sense of humour and justice has brought me a huge amount of joy over the years . I Have been tuning in for years now every week . I Miss Mat but really appreciate Aaron and his critical journalism but I just want y’all to know that I think Glenn Greenwood has become the most smug arrogant pain in the ass and has lost all credibility for me in buddying up to Tucker Carlson despite Glenns insight and knowledge . i am not saying dont go on fox . The more different takes on fox the better but for me It looks like he (Glenn) has lost his professional ethical compass and is making it personal . . i once truly admired his work but now all i see is someone with a smug grin and a chip on his shoulder . Tucker Carson has zero legitimacy . He is a hack that has never said anything real. Sure he plays with bits of truth but that’s an old trick . Greenwald’s cosy association with him has put me off going back to my favourite shows that he appears on because I now think his only goal is to bring down the democrats and usher in Republican loons for his own personal satisfaction . . If that is an oversimplification I own it but if you guys are his friends -why do you think its ok to legitimise the most toxic of propaganda merchants on all US media ?? Yeah yeah I know , “go away imbecile with your pathetic woke cancel culture “. Sorry for being woke . Which for me is just compassion ,the antiwoke shit It’s getting old .
    Why feed the monster ??? I want to see the end of this Oligarchy and American imperialism as much as anyone and I cant stand the pro war corruption on both sides . Glenn is still doing great work but basically what I am saying is:, he seems like he has turned into an asshole that doesn’t appreciate the consequences of feeding an antiwoke anti blue team narrative that in my experience is mostly just hyperbole coming from the right . Do you people actually want to see DeSantis become president ????? You know what that means for Cuba dont you ??? Ps I haven’t watched this vid, i am sure its good , but like I said , I cant stand his smug grin. Ps long term Julian Assange supporter here , (thank you Glenn , sincerely I acknowledge you’re tireless support for Julian ). I ain’t no centrist

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