Would the Woke Police Please Do Their F***ing Jobs?

The politics of fight club

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  1. Police: Oh you didnt pay your speeding fine? to jail with you pleb!
    Also Police: Spaffed billions of public money at the Russians Mr Johnson? well……nothing to see here, move along!

  2. well its a little hard for the police to do their jobs anymore because they are scrutinized no matter how they handle themselves in situations. especially here in America. you can thank the worthless woke political correctness for that crap

  3. The whole thing is embarrassing, inefficient and a pathetic misuse of tax payer money. The tax payers must take the country back and demand efficiency. 
    Britain needs more masculine British men for the job to reduce and solve crime in Britain.

  4. 0 seconds in: but what IS the job of the WOKE police?
    to harass and oppress normal people and protect criminals and minorities from the consequences of their actions and ofc the EVIL local culture?

  5. "One officer pictured wearing a striking pair of heels to raise awareness of domestic violence." You know another term for "raise awareness of domestic violence"? "Do nothing to stop domestic violence". How about answering domestic violence calls and throwing the assholes in jail instead of wearing some useless red heels?

  6. We were no angels growing up in the east end and richly deserved some of the treatment we received, but the one thing we learned was that the police found it easier and less trouble concentrating on us instead of the black Hoxton/Dalston gangs. Same as now, they pick on mostly law abiding citizens for frivolous/minor issues as it's cost effective and less chance of trouble or being accused of anything that may stain their record. Things will never improve, so we have to learn our Rights and always film any interaction.

  7. We're corrupted, we allow corruption, we ignore grooming, we ignore crimes, we make up crimes, we love to beat up drunks on Friday night, we drain your taxes and get fat pensions. ….but we take the knee and dance at pride

  8. My husband as a little boy was playing in one of the old bombed out buildings with his mates when a bobby came alone boxed his ears and marched him home to be dealt with by his parents! He grew up to be a soldier for her Majesty and was awarded the British Empire for Gallentry medal! We need those police back

  9. 5:33 They are responsible for the safety of everyone at the event and should be on the lookout for criminals, potential terror attacks, and other nefarious activity. Not frolicking in uniform.

  10. The idea that the police need to overcome distrust among the predominantly white middle class alphabet pantheon is laughable. These people have little to no contact with the police outside of virtue signalling. It's poorer people who are more likely to interact with police, both as victims and as perpetrators.

  11. Integrating with the Community? How difficult is it to bridge the divide with a small majority of the population, who probably commit very little crime themselves. Let's see these Police, whatever they call themselves these days, challenge themselves. How about working with the disadvantaged communities in Liverpool, and teaching them Ball Room Dancing. I'm sure there are People in Liverpool, and elsewhere, who would embrace the Police with open ARMS!

  12. If they did this in Hungary, they wouldn't have a job as police officers. They'd be kicked out of the police force in disgrace along with the higher ups who orchestrated this. There would be a big scandal and a detailed investigation. The officers would probably be fined for damaging police reputation and end up in jail if they couldn't or won't pay! People would also make sure they never live it down.

  13. White people may be racist, but you should also acknowledge if so, who else should then be called extremely racist, yes i'm talking about the foreigners in western countries, they are the ones who fucked up society.

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