Would you pass Sydney University’s am-I-a-r@pist quiz? (deleted video)

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Another deleted video I’ve cleaned up for today’s YouTube environment. Regards, ?


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  1. tldr: The quiz program is to ensure students know the law around sexual harassment.

    I've done this quiz/course and the purpose isn't to weed out rapists but to ensure students understand sexual harassment in a legal context and what they could get in trouble for; it also makes you sign a waiver at the end to say that you understand what consent is. A lot of it does seem like a bit much (e.g. 3:15) and I can't really speak for that; however the questions have been taken slightly out context:
    – In the second question it's referring to a specific scenario where one of your friends (A) is chatting up another one of your extremely drunk friends (B) and they agree to go back to As home together. Under the law the drunk friend isn't in a position to give consent.
    – In the first question, (we're told that) consent isn't legal consent unless it's a direct "yes" and so in court if there wasn't a direct "yes" you would be charged.
    – I'm pretty sure there was a similar question to that third one though lmao.

    Also clearing up some other misconceptions:
    – The course is given to both women and men.
    – The quiz needs to be done (online in your own time) during your first semester of your first year and it's pretty easy if you use common sense. I haven't met anyone who's having results withheld from them because of this.
    – "Implicit consent" would get you charged with sexual harassment if your partner decided to change their mind that they didn't consent.
    – Generally reading through the comments I'd recommend watching this video

    Edit: It's also called the "consent matters quiz"

  2. How about if a student doesn't consent in doing a quiz about their sex and private life, or about their political opinions?
    because that's what I would do.
    At the moment there are still privacy and anti discrimination laws that you can rely on.
    Imagine you go to University to study any Stem field, and pay a small fortune for the privilege.
    Then you get forced into discussing your private and sex life as part of a mandatory course , with the possible penalty of expulsion or not passing that element , and therefore not finishing your studies and graduating , and receiving a diploma or credentials if you refuse or fail the test.
    In what other aspect of life would that be acceptable?
    Not even when you get arrested and interrogated by police if you are suspected of a crime are you forced to speak or you'll get penalised for refusing to speak.( best advice ever given ; never say a word other then your name until you have a lawyer present)
    And if the current upheaval in the US , and the agenda of the democrats is anything to go by , we aren't far away from the day the marxist / feminist identitarian mob will lobby our politicians into mandating that for all workplaces as well.
    Imagine rocking up at your job a forklift driver in a timberyard, or a plumber working for a Boss, and on arrival at work on monday mourning you are summensed into the office where a mandatory quiz like the one above or even one with even more extreme leftist identitarian claptrap , where you for example have to declare your white privilege , or confess to having male toxicity , awaits you.
    If you refuse or fail , not only do you lose your job on the spot , but it could be mandatory for police and justice to be involved, and you get automatically placed on the sex offenders/ wrong thinkers blacklist, accessible by any institution ,bank,telephone and internet provider, landlord, and prospect future employer.
    It is already Chinese policy of not allowing you on the internet, public transport, and even banking gets "verboten" if you do or say anything not approved by the CCP , so you become instantly a society outcast without hope .
    Sounds implausible?
    Well that's where we are heading, it's just a matter of time.

  3. I ask all that because im nervous I'll do a bad job.. like getting too focused on what feels good for me and not them.. but you shouldn't have to ask all that. Simple is this position okay if not what is, and tap my arm or say if anything isn't comfortable with you.

  4. There are many students who go to jail because they didn't know the law. If you had intercourse with a drunk person who can't recall giving you consent, you will go to jail with no bailout options. It does happen, unfortunately.

  5. Bystanders? like if you're fuckin in a moving vehicle? I KNOW that ain't legal, and how would someone standing on the street participate when I'm gettin a gummer at 60 kliks an hour bwahahahah wtf lolz

  6. I'm a attending a Catholic college this time. They did do a video on sexual assault but it had no quiz and it was entirely optional for non first year students. They also don't throw woke logic in your face. I think Catholic colleges are the best for now.

  7. civilization goes through cycles of generations that are decent and well put together to generations that are well and truly fucked.

    we are getting into the generation that is well and truly fucked.

  8. Which of the following behaviours makes a man a sexist, racist, homophobic piece of excrement part of the patriarchy?
    A: Breathing in
    B: Breathing out
    C: Both breathing in and breathing out

  9. You know, if a woman let me consent to letting her give me a blowjob: that would be an automatic marriage proposal.
    But let's be real here: no-one is actually going to be brave enough to ask that in bed. Stupid drunk while saying it perhaps?
    (And I can't for the life of me not read this in critical's voice, for real I think I may have unlocked some sort of spiritual awakening where the moist man has tickled the hyena and killed the mail man, because everything that comes out of that man is comedy gold covered cornflakes that sprinkles pixie dust on Gordon Ramsey's lamb sauce)

  10. Soon we run around with pre printed sex contracts which both parties have to sign with at least two witnesses and the act itself has to be supervised by official authorities.

    Or men just avoid going anywhere near women and instead pay a professional for her service, buy a fleshlight while hoping robot ai sex dolls become available soon.
    Then you have all those girls/women run around complaining why men no longer show interest/ask them for a date/approach them… as they become essentially invisible.
    But then again… the majority of women isn't effed up to call anyone a r….., its just a loud voiced minority of nutcases (probably most of them students in gender studies for their fluff degree) making noise, maybe even just cause they have a grudge being undesirable (wouldn't be surprised at all) for men.

  11. Maybe they should spend more time and money on educating women not to falsely claim rape. Then once its proven or they admit they lied they should be prosecuted.