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  1. I will never address someone by their pronouns. Their fragile state of being is not my problem, its their problem. I reserve my respect, sympathy and support for those who deserve it like children who are dying from cancer, woman who suffering from domestic violence, not people who are offended because you address them wrong by someone.

  2. Personal attacks??? Biatch!!!? You people have done nothing but attack people personaly!! Get them killed, violent attacked, robbed, fired, mocked, shamed etc etc. If its dangerous sweep your own god damn door!!

  3. Fauci is just a spokesman of whatever pharmaceutical industry or deepstate he's affiliated with. In few words is just a puppet doing what his masters command. These people are placed there in order to get "accountability", basically just "faces", not big bosses. And quite frankly I'm honestly surprised that this channel is rooting for Elon musk, that man is just bad as these so called elite and his pushing the same Klaus Schwab agenda, but people turn blind eyes on him because he's republican, he "advocate" for free speech and make the left and the woketards mad.

  4. ❗This is unbelievable, a lying show, that woman is a professional liar, and yet we pay attention to this SHIT, a dog show to lie to the American people, all of it MUST end we are evading evil to continue their destrucction, We must get back to TRUTHS , we can no longer support SATAN .

  5. The homosexual press secretary keeps telling the media, We have been very clear about the topic? If she, and her administration have been clear, then why are these questions asked so often?

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