WOW! Aaron Rodgers Just Did The UNTHINKABLE…

WOW! Aaron Rodgers Just Did The UNTHINKABLE…

This report explains the unthinkable move that Aaron Rodgers just made and the bigger implications of it.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. ==============================
    The current administration is truly run by Satan. Democrats, and most Republicans are two sides of the same coin. They serve as a distraction (as the Roman coliseum was to the roman mobs), some to give you false hope, while others play the role of villains, in the meantime you and your children continue to be fleeced unto death. Have you seen anything truly change for the better in the past 100 years (abortion on demand, perverting and indoctrinating children during school, prayer taken out of school, atheism pushed in schools, God removed from all aspects of our society, conservative and Godly values censored, an ever-increasing big government control, feminism, homosexuality, pride in doing what is evil and perverse, laws passed to protect all that is evil and UN-Godly, deceit, etc., etc.)? Was there any permanent change, for the better, brought in by the Trump administration? How many powerful-swamp-creatures were removed from office(the promise of draining the 'swamp') by the Trump administration? Are you keeping your faith in a secular world system (that belongs to the prince of this world-Satan) instead of on Jesus Christ? You're trying to rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic, instead of hopping into the life boats – salvation through Jesus Christ!

  2. If you still belive that humanity needs a FINANCIAL SYSTEM to evolve.
    Better think twice:
    As long as we have a FINANCIAL system and a Government system as the current one HUMANITY will never be free!

  3. The true religion in America is pharmaceuticals. People worship the pill and view the doctors as bishops. Nurses as Nuns. I'm not sure how or when this happened, but the realization for me lately has made it instantly identifiable that I'm not gonna get along with someone, if i ask anything drug related and they instantly gloss over and say, "you have to see the doctor. you have to get on the pills"

  4. The FBI is the GESTAPO of the cabal in the USA
    You have to ask yourself, if the seas are going to rise because of global warming. Then WHY would gates, obuma and many rich people buy ocean front property???
    Just sayin….

  5. Hearing the civil defense siren going off was eerie; here in the Midwest they're (now) normally thought of as tornado sirens. But I remember when I was a kid, the Soviets were always going to bomb us, and parents/grandparents lived through the actual WWII.

  6. Rodger's is a smart guy…. Over the course of the last 10 years, he's also shown himself, on countless occasions, to be a mega-ego Narcissist !!!!!! This time, he may just have "branded' himself a "Hero" !!!!! That, and the $200 Million he's got in-the-bank, will see him through to his "Jeopardy" Career……

  7. Heart attacks, Strokes, blood clots, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Bell's palsy, pneumonia, worsening existing conditions including cancer and death. What do you think is causing it? Knowing that answer will most likely save your life.
    If you don't know these following names, they explained how safe the shots are. Former vice president of Pfizer Dr Michael Yeadon, inventor of mRNA technology Dr Robert Malone, World Health Organization whistleblower Dr Astrid Stuckleberger, dr. Bhakdi who explains the vaccine function in detail and exactly how it works in your body.

  8. I will put myself on the virtual front line for the greater good.

    Abuse my closed fist, upwards pointing extremity to show your displeasure of the content you are watching.

    Alternatively, comment with 'DISPLEASURE'.

    There are always ways to trick technology and beat the system that is 't Y u O b U e'

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