WOW – Government Mortality Data Just Released – Unbelievable Stuff!

Title says it all, wait til you see the data!
– we finally have the full Central Statistics Office data, published from the Govt for 2020 and 2021 – revelations abound!

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Written by Ivor Cummins


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  1. Psychosis was astonishing. Just today a guy told me to wear a mask. And it is in Ontario where the government removed mandates. But in universities they continue to mandate masks. This is a weird world. In a hockey game no one wears masks. In a quiet classroom everyone must wear a mask! And this are academics! Weird world.

  2. Thanks Ivor, unbelievable how they lied!
    This below also is unbelievable, the results of vaccines.
    Have you heard about the big lie of covid vaccines?
    Predictions on the evolution of covid 19, by dr Geert Vanden Bossche
    Finally someone is telling us the truth about covid, vaccines, boosters, herd immunity etc
    Highly recommend listening to this highly qualified man. No buts, YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT!!!

  3. Let's just think about it logically a minute. What do we know about it. It is am extremely mild virus as far as anything bad you can get that could potentially kill you compared to lung cancer, type 2 diabetes, emfasema, etc. If you die from Covid among other things you are an extremely weak person that really had no business going outside to begin with. We know 6% were reported by the CDC as being in with something else but died only testing positive for covid and the doctor wrote that in the death certificate. Admitted and in their website (buried and suppressed but it is there). So we all have to suffer by locking down because of these weak bastards (extremely few) that want to risk their lives in public? I say no way. They risk, they could potentially die, enough is enough.

  4. I can imagine people looking at this data thought and saying, "Yeah but there would have been more deaths if we didn't have the jabs." – Nothing will convince these people.

  5. Total victory by data. Well done Ivor. You were right all along while authorities were determined to scare. Their lockdown parties so proves the authorities had no shred of fear themselves.

  6. Thanks Ivor. Some feedback to request that for an international audience that local acronyms like CSO need describing. Clearly an Irish govt health dept. agency.

  7. If or when they shut down social media and all channels going against the MSM narrative then we will know we are on a fast track to full communist control.
    Be prepared not scared…

  8. Sheesh this goes way beyond vindication. This is total absolution! When do we start Nuremburg 2.0 proceedings then? There must be accountability. There has to be!

  9. Infuriating – especially to those of us who have been beating this drum from the very beginning. Fausti, Redfield, Ferguson, Walensky and all the rest are complete frauds and sociopaths.

  10. Thanks for being so informative and truthful in using real government data from the start. You continue to provide sanity to a world hell bent on using fear to control the population. Thank you.

  11. I suppose the bright side of this at the moment is it doesn't appear the vaxx is taking half of us out. Be interesting to see over all death rate in a few years. But then if the great reset comes in us plebs well not be allowed to see any meaningful data.
    I wonder what great plans they dreamed up for us at the Davo"s stake holders great mingling fart sniffing meetings

  12. The uk gov has responded to the petition for a referendum on the proposed power grab by the who. The very first thing they say is 'COVID-19 has demonstrated that no-one is safe until we are all safe, and that effective global cooperation is needed to better protect the UK and other countries around the world from the detrimental health, social and economic impacts of pandemics and other health threats. The UK supports a new international legally-binding instrument as part of a cooperative and comprehensive approach to pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.'

    Well no, actually Mr UKGOV, you are completely wrong. Cv 19 showed NOTHING of the sort. Your continued suggestions about asympto transmission were a lie and remain so. You conned people by subjecting them to a psy op. Do the govs really hate us to this extent ?

  13. I have always believed that the excess deaths data gave the true picture of the corona virus deaths, yet all governments presented a different (manipulated?) view to the public. I still don’t know why…🤔

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