WOW!! Joe Rogan Has GOT Them…

WOW!! Joe Rogan Has GOT Them…

This video explains what the government is really up to and how Joe Rogan has got them.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. That's because that was a pre-arranged mass casually event to get their political agenda across just like Hitler shot up the beer garden style and pulled stage events etc differences we have the second amendment that in a constitution and a Bill of Rights that this global Order is out to destroy, any politician that votes for that and needs to be charged with treason and violation of Oath to the Constitution ‼️

  2. That officer supported Beto, Beto was the one talking against school security and just taking the guns, and also made the statement that we don't get our agenda and the to take the guns you're going to keep on getting more incidences like this as it was a threat now you're finding out these officers that stood out in the school are all linked leads one to a conclusion this is a stage event where innocent people paid with their lives to get a political agenda across,

  3. There's always the training for that exact incidents usually in the school same day or the day before, as in parkland, the Buffalo and El Paso and other shooters were antifa leftists that they're using also for their political agenda AKA MK Ultra style Manchurian candidates to get their political agenda across,

  4. You should understand , Canadians have never had the right to defend ones self, Remember we still answer to the crown. Only Canadians with money can afford Good layers to be able to defend them from the crown. Law in canada has always been about money, not rights.

  5. I thought we were idiots here in Canada….yes Trudeau got reelected in last September, and yes, we got rid of Premier Kenney in Alberta cuz he got thrown into many horrific situations and tried his best. We're weird!! But we're not crazy…Biden?? Really??

  6. Would anyone be bothered if that man hunted down the officers who held him down and gutted them like wild pigs? In the words of Chris Rock, “ I ain’t saying I agree, but I can understand”.

  7. This police chef, what would he do in frontline with soldiers "to send"…. Answer: "Wait, you're not allowed to use your arm while the enemy is using his… I'll arrest you, if you do…"
    But ForTrudeau: he's sending Canadian army's arms though to Ukraine……

  8. I personally believe these event are planned JUST for them to push their agenda. 20+ kids is a small price to pay for these kind of "people" and we all know who their master is. He lives below in a sea of fire and have horns.
    Alex Jones was right all along.

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