WOW. Journalists Get TWO Years Of Lori Lightfoot’s TEXT MESSAGES! It Reveals How TOXIC She Really Is


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  1. .In Lori Lightfoot's defense, if she wore a mask during the WNBA game, it would mess up her hair. And everyone knows, the first thing you think about when mentioning her, is her beauty???????

  2. This is Chicago politics at its finest remember when the Chicago sun times sued to unseal the divorce records of the man who opposed Barack Obama in the senate ? It is amazing to see it work for the other side

  3. Texting and social media are how WEAK LOW IQ people prefer to communicate, it allows them to act tough and prepare statements on topics where they have no knowledge. That's why Biden, like Lightfoot is weak combative and low IQ, only takes questions from reporters on his approved list who submit pre-approved questions. His "handlers" prepare answers for him to deliver like a parrot. Without handlers Biden, like Likefoot, is a babbling nasty racist idiot. You can't backspace, cut and paste, or google search in a live debate or conversation and it also takes courage to criticize someone to their face.

  4. Among many other things she gave in to the Teachers Union's demands completely in 2019, another chance at starting some sort of fiscal and accountability reform on that union lost. Covid-19 has shown even more how that union is so detrimental to the city and the kids.

  5. When corruption captures elections, this is inevitable. without clean elections there is no accountability, without accountability, the most corrupt amass the most power.

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