WOW! The FDA Just Obliterated The Main Narrative!

WOW! The FDA Just Obliterated The Main Narrative!

This video breaks down a huge and surprising decision by the FDA, as well as some very important economic developments.

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  1. This situation has become increasingly difficult to understand and trust. I believe this covid19 was purposely put out there to cause the entire world to fall so the elites and those with strings tied to their limbs to gain worldly money and power. The governments around the world have increased in power. Its very obvious this is true. America has been hijacked by the far left in control of everything. That includes our bodies and our ability to lead our own lives. Its incredible how the enemy has managed to put the entire world into Kaos. Satan has managed to make everything in our lives kaotic. We must take back our sovereign way of life as it was 2 years ago. The way to do this is to pray to our GOD who LOVES us so much he gave his only begotten SON (JESUS CHRIST ) to become literal sin and be the last sacrifice to ever be needed for salvation. JESUS CHRIST is the only way to the FATHER in HEAVEN. We must believe in him and trust him to get our invitation to HEAVEN. Friends we must pray to GOD to help us thru this time of despair. He will get us thru it so we can see the light thru the tunnel of darkness created by the devil himself. Kaos is not GOD. Kaos is brought to us by Satan himself not GOD. However knowing that to be true we must pray time and time again so GOD can hear us come in his glory to bring Kaos down to its knees so we can live in piece again. Its strange how the biden administration has managed to put the U.S. in such disrepair in such of a short time period. The U.S. seems to have cause alot of the downfall of many countries along with Satan. LORD GOD please come and bring happiness and comfort once again to the whole earth. Let us prosper one more time as we wait for the specific time you allow your SON JESUS CHRIST to come and stand in all his glory in the clouds and call us up from here to get our new awesome bodies to fly into HEAVEN. THANKYOU LORD. IN YOUR SONS HOLY NAME JESUS CHRIST AMEN.

  2. If you don't want to believe the official narrative that these guys who killed the children are heroes, then you can believe that the actions of killing innocent civilians will inspire more terrorists, and you will STILL be on the same boat ride as the people who want to believe any story that's official. You can't account for the motivations or capabilities of ppl and when you assume, you go straight to assuming there's danger. No, there's just the deaths of indecent children half way around the world. They will assuredly have a funeral and they will mourn and they will more likely than not move on and hope that the war that they aren't enlisted in and didn't bring on will stop. It is sad, only. Not a cause to brace yourself for backlash. Stop the madness. It would help you to be less fearful if you expanded your horizons, Luke. Once again, it is clear from ALL the videos you have promoted thus far that you only listen to one kind of person with one kind of gender. Peace and Health

  3. I remember back in the summer, several months ago, there was a point where it felt like the 'pandemic' was coming to an end and things were back to normal. All of a sudden, boom, the next wave hit after we hit a certain percentage of vaccinated. I don't know what caused it, but it sure seems like the vaccines are responsible.

  4. They are corrupt and will be brought in to answer why they have committed crimes against the people of the world they think that they can get away with this they have showed us their hand!

  5. The good angler never pulls in his fish too quickly if it is putting up a big fight. He doesn't want to break his line, ie his tenuous control over it until he can land it.
    He plays with it, pulls on it, let's it run for a while, then begins to exert more pressure on it again, let's it run again, applies more pressure again, until eventually he wears it down and it grows weak.
    The final retrieving of it is relatively simple as it is exhausted, as is the killing of it.
    No, common sense is not rejoining. The FDA, as a govt handmaiden, is merely letting the fish run now for a while after the Worldwide protests. It maintains trust and faith in pillar institutions 'maybe' somewhere having a bit of sense and integrity.
    Don't be fooled. Run fish run, with all your strength and break the line.

  6. …The courage bravery and boldness that so shall come forth and though the numbers at times may seem great the opponent numerous it only takes a faithful and obedient minority to defeat a corrupt majority…

  7. They even award each other medals for valor in combat for sitting in comfy desk chairs and manning joysticks in front of computer monitors in air-conditioned facilities in Nevada and drone striking people from the clouds above they can’t even see well enough to identify. I’m a military veteran but how is that honorable? 🧨

  8. Every important person and decision maker at the FDA should have their names, address and personal information as well as finances exposed. Not because of what has occurred in the past two years, but decades before as well as what is occurring right now with the vaccines, drugs, vaping, etc. They deserve nothing less than torture in public view. 14th century style.

  9. Those who accept, condone and approve of what has been happening recently or even in the last few decades or even in the past 100 years with the US government. Well. They deserve death. Approval is the sole source of the flourishing of evil in history. Death to these people. You are on the side of logic, reason, truth and freedom or your life should be forfeit, because you allowed and approved of the death and suffering of millions. That's what I think about democrats as well as many others. People either embrace this attitude or they suffer. There is no middle ground here. There is no debate. Period.

  10. Please believe me when I say that I have tried to not say this, but I believe that your content is too important to be limited by something I think you can adjust, if you want to. I’ve watched you on Tim Pool’s video, so I know that you don’t always speak like you do here.
    I love the info you provide, I just feel exhausted listening to you because your voice never stops sounding like a hawker of goods. Which is great to announce what a video is about, but hard to continue listening to for a more than a few minutes.
    I have tried to send these videos to others, but they just laugh because the bombastic way of speaking makes them not take your message seriously. I will continue to to watch your videos to find out what I can, I just don’t know how important your way of speaking or your content and analysis is to the success of your channel.

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