Wow – This Explains the War on Farming and Private Property Ownership

Super article in ZeroHedge formed the basis for this educational video – be aware of how the world works, and where it’s heading
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Written by Ivor Cummins


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  1. The farmers in the west, the EU, Australia, America and Canada are under attack as the COMMUNIST DESPOTS are now attacking the farmers. In COMMUNIST Revolutions farmers always come under attack after the Cultural Revolution (LGBT) resulting in huge famines, Soviet Union under Stalin 10 Million with 4-6 Million in Ukraine – Kazakhstan 1.5Million + Russia 3-4Million – China under Mao 50-60 Million. Will the whole collective west suffer the same fate ?

  2. The big question is "will the ignorance and apathy of a free people become their undoing"? Ultimately people get exactly what they deserve. If you do nothing to preserve your freedom, then you ultimately deserve nothing.

  3. I saw an article whereby someone got a £570 pound charge for growing vegetables in their own garden.
    Tells you all need to know.

    Also the EU some years ago would only allow approved seeds to be sold that were on their seed list.

    This is not a conspiracy theory.
    Total dominance and control is at the heart of this.

  4. Not sure what your thoughts are. What bothers me is watching these planes going back and forth leaving chemtrails. These trail’s do not disappear they spread and stay until total sky is covered. I also found out Bo? Gave Old Bill G £10 million in funding 2years ago for solar engineering. A few years ago I went on a search to find out what was happening. There I found Dane Wigington web ? Makes me wonder what damage is being done by this happening

  5. it's all about GENOCIDAL BRITISH GEOPOLITICS. The British created the UN and Bolshevism as tactics for their world domination. Epoch Times is typically conservative in always protecting the invisible hand of the British empire.

  6. All the masking etc was partly a compliance test to see how many would obey without question. The public's response gave the cabal the confidence to continue with their plan.

  7. The United Nations was founded to stop another nation the likes of Nazi Germany from striking out on a crusade for world domination. Like the United States today. But what does the United Nations spend its time on? Condemning the victims of imperialism who defend themselves, ruining farmers, and putting brakes on the Industrial Revolution. By the way, Chinese farmers can own their land on a long lease for a period longer than a Western farmer can avoid being thrown off their land for not meeting their tax burden. Chinese socialism has nothing to do with Agenda 2030. "Former" Chinese Communist Party leader: 'former' is the key word.

  8. Control the food you are able to buy to the sugar, corn-oil syrup and the ultra processed foods to what they make and you will destroy the health of those that have to buy it.

  9. ' drastic restrictions on the use of fertilizers' could be a good thing, forcing agricultural farmers to a system of nutrient cycling in a healthy topsoil, that could be the welcome end to destruction by tilling and a return to regenerative practices that would include life stock. Meat will stay on the menu 👍

  10. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Ivor. More people need to wake up and smell the roses instead of believing the garbage RTE feeds them on a daily basis. God bless.

  11. This is like a science fiction movie coming to be science fact. David Bellamy said this years ago and got sacked . His interview is on you tube. David Bellamy on global warming.

  12. I appreciated your covid analyses but here you don’t have a clue what you are talking about Ivor. You always say you do this all because you’re a father of five children and you care about the world we leave them…. And you’re always emphasising you’re so good at searching for root causes. Well I challenge you to look for the root cause in the Dutch farmers problems and the parties that back them.
    By the way, most Dutch farmers know that changes are in their own interest too. And there is no food crises at al iln the Netherlands. Though we are a small and densely populated country Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural products in the world right after the USA which is 250x bigger!!! (Here the first clue for your root cause search.)

  13. Well done again, Ivor.
    You nailed it.

    What is so desperate is that the vast majority of human beings are deafblind sheep, easily led by the nose.
    And they are dedicated to remaining so, even when shown the truth, so the WEF can do whatever the he'll they like.

    Desperate times.😫

  14. You could say let's start with the top global 1%, but you see, they put their investments into companies and non profits so that those assets can't be touched by what's coming.
    So I advise all of you to do the same.

  15. To an extent the EU and UK common agricultural policy has controlled farmers for 40 years plus. To a bigger and bigger extent. They don't need to take ownership away if farmers are forced out of business anyway. Or simply forced to farm exactly in the way they chose.

  16. Hi Ivor: You are great with the information, as usual. A couple of little things. I know you were reading the article out loud, but the article said "You will own nothing". That is not the position of the organization. "I own nothing and I am happy" is a quote from a video posted independently by someone who attended one of their conferences about her own dream of the future. Of course, it is not as if they want us to own much, from what I can tell. Many kudos for not pretending to know Chinese pronunciation based on spelling of names. I am so weary of haring of "President Gee" from others. In Chinese spelling – the pinyin system is always used today – "Q" = ch and "X" = sh (Its president "she" and Qu = Chu).

  17. This so true that why USA is falling all ours white house people's are from other country also ours polices FBI CIA and brainwashing military force them out ours Country team them with foreign peoples just trashing ours world!

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