WOW! White House NOW IMPLICATED In Major Ethics VIOLATION. How Can They Get Away With This?!


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. Hunter: "Daddy, I've got some plans for building my own strip club, here in the LA area. I've been doing some painting, while testing out some new cocaine I got from Columbia, and I'd like to hold a private auction. Be sure to cover for me OK, and I'll give you my usual 'cut'…."

  2. Jen go back to High School get your degree, then pursue a career in the entertainment business. This job is over your Red Head!!
    Take Hunter with you maybe you two can start an art gallery in Iran!!

  3. Sure he can pursue an artistic career, but I want to know ANYONE that buys a painting for anything over $5. That is where the bribes are coming from.

  4. I don't care who you are…
    No one picks up a pencil, paintbrush, musical instrument all of a sudden and starts making millions.
    Great money laundering scheme…

  5. So can anyone buy a painting and make a request of the American government? Do they have a website I can just go to "Donate" to whatever latest Biden "charitable" organization. I dont want any of your "crack pipe art" thanks.