Wtf are these people thinking?


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  1. 2020: obvious tampering
    2018: obvious tampering
    2016: why tamper? Obombya said trumps gon lose
    2012: Who would tamper to swing between those two sacks of potatoes?
    2008: Vote or die for osama bin laden’s gay cousin, kiddos!

    What do you think this dude knows?

  2. The only person who won in this, was Victor Bout.
    Well congrats Bout, I hope you won't get more Americans killed, but that's highly unlikely.
    Also, after this stunt, the Gun control debate is done, it's over. I don't wanna hear shit about "WE NEED MORE GUN CONTROL" after they just traded a dangerous arms dealer for a nobody basketball player no one cares about.
    The gun control argument is done and dead.

  3. This is EXACTLY what i thought and said the SECOND i heard this! Why make a trade at all then?? Funding Ukraine then giving Russia THIS guy?? Wake up!! This administration is fueling both sodes of this war!! Wtf!!?? IMPEACH THIS DISGRACEFUL PRESIDENT!

  4. I guess when Biden said he didn’t care about the American dollar, he cared about the rest of the world, he meant he cared about arming the rest of the world. While DISarming Americans.🤦🏼‍♂️

    Between all that, and his awful Afghanistan withdrawal that left behind Americans and billions of dollars of military equipment for the Taliban, Joe Biden is the most anti-American U.S. President we’ve ever had.

  5. Hmmm . . .
    This killer involved with Drug Cartels and Militia.
    So, border open, drugs coming in, drug cartels obviously prime operating machine, and Prezbo is
    . . . claimed to be involvex with.
    Gee, 1 + 1 = 2.
    Or 3, 4, 5, more involved.

  6. How is it possible that so few realize the unconstitutional sElection of Biden was to facilitate the unconstitutional third term for Barrack Hussein Obama.
    For decades Washington D.C. and Media have operated on the premise that the Electorate were stupid, this unconditional third term
    of Barrack Obama confirms the premise.
    Are we beginning to understand the four year resistance of Donald Trump.
    Are we beginning to Understand Obama’s declaration of the planned “transformation of America”
    Are we beginning to understand this Fundamentallyill Ahmerikhahn transformation.
    Are we beginning to understand the need for corrupt and compromised candidates in the likes of Hillary and Joe😊

  7. While they are trying to disarm americans – they release the "merchant of death" who has/will potentially arm the people in the rest of the world who hate america… for a self serving basketball player with a net worth of 5 million rather than a person who serves and protects FOR the people of his country. We in north america are just seen as weak now. We don't have true governance or public servants – just what seems to be a bunch of high paid, wanna be social media influencers. smh.

  8. We traded a dangerous arms dealer for a Druggie! Lets stop with normalizing drugs. Russia has clear laws against drugs, and she traffics drugs in anyway. She had a choice. Don't tell me weed isn't addictive. It was a bad idea to release a dangerous arms dealer in a time of war. Nice going….

  9. Word on the street is Bout worked for us and then when Putin took power he said no no more making these Deals with America and that why the intelligence agencies went after him. They were pissed he wouldn't work for us anymore wouldn't be surprised

  10. Everything, literally EVERYTHING the democrats are doing is destroying any hope for the future. Creating dragons they will use to garner support to spill our blood while they profit.

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