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  1. Ok I want that dude to ask some millennial Mexicans if his costume offends them 😂 ask a bunch of gen x and boomers if they are offended is like asking me if I was offended by the pope wearing a ceremonial headdresses lol nope 😂

  2. Is describing what you're wearing during your introduction, or even picking pronouns at random, the end of the world? No. But what it is, is the slippery slope. Where you give the left one inch and it will take a million miles

  3. As a conservative trans girl i wish the government would leave us alone n stop using us a talking point. Before this Muppet administration yeah things were hard for us but for the most part people we we're free to live life. Now people keep trying to lump us in with the liberal loonys thanks to President mittens n vp giggles some people actually hate us .like wtf did we do try to exist "transgender" is not a political party or a political problem we're HUMAN BEINGS struggling along side the rest of our fellow Americans. Trump 2024🚩🏳️‍⚧️🚩🏳️‍⚧️🚩

  4. This country has Democrat Disabilities Syndrome. Good afternoon. They identify as Adrenachrom Gnomes with a taste for the Bizzare.The Democrat made Deity is failing stupendously! Democrat Deification Defacating on the Country. Grifting and Grafting. YOU ARE EXPOSED. VOTE THEM OUT!

  5. I hve a theory about Kamala's word salad speeches. I think that she's pissed off her staff to the point that they're writing ridiculous speeches that she's too stupid to read before hand.

  6. To me, saying all of what, the political officials said (mindless info), is the stuff kids did in kindergarten.

    "Yess Kamala! Good job! Your suit IS blue! Here's a gold star on the good noodle chart"

  7. There is a Pakistani family who I know who run a local shop near me and I have seen him wearing full Scottish get up and when I see him dressed like this I feel nothing but happiness and respect he looked dapper as fucx.

  8. This isn't all their faults we the wonderful people wanted this shit but then there's others and those others may rise up to put a stop to this, let's hope we do it before Russia or any other country does but hey what do we know apparently nothing

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