WTF Episode 19 – Why do the vaccinated need RAT test to enter hospitals and the vaccinated don’t?

I was asked for a RAT test on the 4/7/2022 before I could enter the Hospital.

Now I have had Covid that I was luckily able to survive surprisingly without a respirator or even going to hospital. True story.

Therefore I have natural immunity. So my question is why do I need a RAT test with my natural immunity status while the vaccinated don’t. They can still pass the you know what on just as much as I can. In fact I would say that with my natural immunity I am far less likely to get it a second time.

Would love to hear your comments in regards to this. Especially would love to hear from those on the other side of the argument that believe this makes sense. I’d likie to have them explain it to me so that I can make sense of it.

I’m not the brightest spark, you know.

Written by angryproductions1


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  1. 👽 Looked like an alien, you may be carrying the unknown variant 🤣. Make no sense mate, in Brisbane my wife walked in with no mask or test and just said she was mask except. And I thought we all live on the same Australia 🤨

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