WTF Episode1 – Sunrise report omits unvaccinated workers who want to work.

This “Sunrise” report omits unvaccinated workers who want to work.
Mainstream news is totally ignoring that the unvaccinated who have been mandated that they can no longer work would solve some of the worker shortage problem.

The trolls offer the simple solution of just get vaccinated. But if the unvaccinated are such a danger then why are they allowed to enter cafes, shops, and all venues to spend their money but are not allowed to work at these same places?

Like usual critical thinking does not belong on this side of the Twilight Zone.

Written by angryproductions1


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  1. are they real accounts in the comments that go along with it ? some are most liekly. but its apart of there manipulation. as we are seeing with twitter and a bunch of other stuff atm, they have fake accounts to prop people and groups up to make things that are not popular seem popular and mainstream. when there are millions of fake followers and a bunch that leave fake comments and bias in the news its easy to make individuals think they are outnumbered or in the minority with the way they think. in reality the ones in the minority are likely those projecting and forcing there views on people.

    i love how australian media loves to slam chinese state run media as propaganda, when they are just as bad or no better. after this election our newspapers have veered hard left from what they were 2-3 years ago.

    historically a government and media of a country will lie to the citizens of the country they are meant to represent more than they will lie to any other country or citizens from other countrys.

    and while im ranting we need to defund australian police. how much money was spent on all the equipment they used against the protestors ? why was so much money spent on all that equipment when i cant think of a time when our police have needed it. are they going to go after terrorist with rubber bullets ? what about the bear cat rescue vehicle ? the police were given all that equipment and were itching for a chance to use it. even taking into account the one time they actually used all that equipment does that jusify the amount of money spent on that equpiment ? what about if that was the only time it was used ? all that money dumped into there equipment to be used once and than replaced when its obsolete ? as far as im concerned DEFUND AUSTRALIAN POLICE.

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