WTF Happened to Jon Stewart?

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  1. What's really lamentable for me is that in Massachusetts I've seen this kind of shit and priority of non-white population in the system even before there was a big stink online about gender and race quotas and affirmative action. Hearing someone go on about how the country has always prioritized my comfort as a white person over the survival of minorities does a great job of reminding me of how comfortable I was growing up in a trailer park in a single mother home– not to even get into any of the other factors surrounding our poverty. This is all just so… frustrating, but tiresome.

  2. Another Jewish person speaking for all white people, throwing us under the bus before changing his mind about his identity again and then accusing us of anti-semitism. 🤦‍♀️

  3. WHITE MEN by the FORCE OF GUNFIRE AND DEATH FORCED african nations and other nations around the world to STOP SLAVERY
    White men literally killed non whites to force them to STOP selling their own kind in slave markets….. so before you say white men havent done anything… WE'VE MASSACRED PEOPLE to END SLAVERY… what have YOU done?!?!

    an a literal abolitionist is "a person who favors the abolition of a practice or institution, especially capital punishment or (formerly) slavery."…
    so by definition, an abolitionist cannot be someone who is upholding "these systems" of white supremacy… and im sure to you who is reading this , that is no surprise lol
    that fact that she can say it in a single breath and have the trained seals clap in the background, doesnt make it true

  4. Shanghai citizens talk about eating the black neighbor first during their lockdowns.
    Then they had a different minority we're not allowed to talk about literally in the cotton fields. South Africa is borderline about to end white people there.
    But we have the issue. Riiiigghht.

  5. Nothing happened to him. He was educated like this. This is typical rhetoric from Jews in the US. Their goal is the end of "whitey" whom the don't believe they are part of…

  6. I found that segment chilling and didn’t see anything capable of defeating it in this video. Just saying “Actually, THEY’RE the racists.” isn’t going to work. They are going to annihilate us.

  7. Jon Stewart is a television personality. He gave some rather based comments on covid and he likely "got a talkin' to" by higher ups in that industry. Basically he was close to being cancelled and he doesn't appeal to many people outside of the left.

  8. I love how the white girl say we need to talk about this and have a conversation while telling the the white man that doesn't agree with her to shut up and she not talking to him.

  9. I dont think Stewart should have dissenting opinions on the show to discuss these things in front of HIS audience. They'll clap and squeal for whatever he says. It lends him legitimacy regardless of the validity of his argument.

  10. I liked Jon Stewart back in the day. In fact, I think I still like him enough to give him the benefit of the doubt — he probably caught a ton of flak for defending Joe Rogan against "misinformation" claims, and I'd like to believe that this is him desperately trying to get back into the good graces of the progressives by echoing another of their favorite talking points. Much more cynical of him, but at least he wouldn't be an idiot.

  11. Good grief that Canned Applause was cringeworthily superficial o_O .

    The Yank's have their issues, but I refuse to believe anyone [that's sane] would clap to that lunatic without being paid.

  12. I guarantee Jon Stewart places his comfort above 'black survival' every day. That's one of the reasons he is spewing this crap, to remain comfortable, all the while the rope is tightening around his neck. It may not fully tighten in his lifetime but he is setting his family up for very hard times.

  13. Im really looking forward to the Problem with Jews episode, or the Problem with Blacks. Emotional race baiting is a curse. Either Racisim is bad and no-one should do it, or Racisim isnt bad and it doesnt matter. Pick one. The idea that it is bad if this group does it, but ok if that group does it, is intentional divisive.

  14. Stewart lives in a bubble caused by his own racist lifestyle. For some reason everyone that lives in the North or West coast that has benefited from racism since the 1860s all of a sudden wants to blame middle America. Just look at Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, DC, LA (Watts), and NYC (Harlem). Profits were made, but it sure as hell wasn’t by Southerners. They were made off of black Americans by the Democratic North and West Coast whites.

    Northerners need to stop pointing the finger at everyone else trying to make themselves feel better about their racism.

  15. Why doesn’t Jon Stewart give up his hosting spot on his white show to someone of colour? Just to prove how anti racist he is!! Give a under privileged, minority, down trodden, Non white citizen some of that equity to make up for the last 400 years.

  16. Why is anyone surprised that Jon Stewart is like this. This does not surprise me in the slightest he always have inklings and hints of these kinda of positions.

  17. I don't have a problem with reparations for black folks. Not for slavery, even, but for historical injustices which have occurred in our lifetimes. Black veterans, for example, were excluded from the GI Bill after World War Two. I taught with a woman who had to drink from the "colored" water fountain. The War on Drugs has really been a war on black and brown people. All in our lifetimes or in our parents' lifetimes.
    What I do have a problem with is a rich white man (or anyone) lecturing ME as if I was part of the problem.
    I'm white. I'm also poor. I worked my whole life as a teacher and never made much money. Black folks can't get any reparations out of me because I don't have any money. Guys like Jon Stewart are the ones who own five houses and have multimillion dollar investment portfolios. Go talk to THOSE white folks. And rich black people, because they exist, too.
    Advocates like Stewart are the worst enemy of black people, because they make it solely a racial justice issue. It's also a class issue and class is the one thing we must NEVER talk about in America. Dr. King was murdered because of the Poor People's Campaign, which brought together black, brown, and white folks of the same class (poor, working class) to demand their due. If you said we're going to address socioeconomic inequality and that means eliminating poverty in this country for everyone, regardless of race, you'd have something that many people can support. But a policy based on All White People Are Bad? Naw, that ain't happening.

  18. How can a Jewish man like Jon Stewart not see that he's basically taken 'The Jewish Question' and turned it into 'The White People Question.'

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