WTF is Going On?? Well Find Out – and Prepare!

Okay guys due to popular demand, I’ve taken the time to explain what’s coming – get ready! Documents discussed are below:
#1 (WEF and Netherlands):
#2 (WTF is Going On):

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Written by Ivor Cummins


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  1. It's called the Long March Through the Institutions, and has been happening for decades. Anyone who has pointed it out over the years has been laughed at and called a 'tin-foil hat wearer' by those same people doing the infiltrating (and also the Useful Idiots who can't see what's going on). At this point I wear my tin-foil hat with pride. As well as the label of Terf.

  2. You note the WEF say "YOU will own nothing" not "WE". They keep all their meg-billions and live very well, and we become the serfs/slaves and own nothing!
    World War 3, this time via economics, finance and corruptiion…third time lucky.

  3. Thank you for talking so calmly and evenly about this Ivor, and for sharing the information in a digestible manner so it makes it easier for us to understand without getting confused by all the inflammatory theories!

  4. I’m not a church goer, not religious, not a Bible thumper, but I’ve watched this whole fiasco unfold over the last few years & looked at many of the ‘solutions’ that are proposed & have been left concluding that this is a spiritual war between good & evil & unless people find their way back to some kind of spiritual belief in a beneficent creator of our world & a belief in our own divinity then evil will triumph.

  5. The WEF bozos really thought that the general public and all those muslims they've got into countries they don't belong in were just going to quietly freeze or starve and die. That day Macron the FrenchMacaroon nearly got lynched in real time by his "subjects". He was saying "merci merci" to them not aware that he was seconds away from begging "mercy mercy". This is just a preview of what is going to happen to all these WEF bozos from the big shits Klaus Schwab the Swab and BillGates in the USA and Canada and tiny Switzerland to the little shits in Africa and SriLanka and Latin America and those small postage stamp sized countries in Europe. No horses will be used to drag them out of their homes and cars and private jets and be pulled apart by sheer hate. Quartered. Limb by limb. A hungry, wronged and cornered human is a terrible creature to encounter.
    The WEF bozos are going to find out. This global revolution will be televised….unknowingly sponsored by the Bill&MelindaGatesFoundationOfPopulationControl. It's going to be wicked for the wicked. The W in the WEF stands for WICKED….now you know : )

  6. So . . . ignore the U.S. State Department's publications in the 1950's calling for 90% population reduction? And the 1947 report from Prince Phillip? Okay. Don't mention anything you don't know.

  7. Thanks Ivor. Lily's substack is sobering, and I'm struggling to imagine a bright future. I'd be grateful to learn ways, other than spreading awareness, to get off this conveyer belt into dystopia. I'm also angry that it may require complete removal from tech. It appears that's not really possible now that blockchain has my biometrics via STRIPE.

  8. In 1994 160 countries agreed to keep the population of the world down to 800 million. The meeting was held in Cairo Egypt. THIS IS NOT A THEORY. There are a lot of uncomfortable truths coming out, just because you don't want to face them, doesn't make them less true??

  9. I wish people saw through the WEF’s Bitcoin and Web3 DeFi propaganda too. It’s either centralized WEF vs (DeFi)decentralized finance, unseizable property, immutable data ownership/control, that important technologies like Bitcoin invented.

  10. When they can not control the greater unwashed – they destabilize (on purpose) everything that makes us thrive and It's not about how much money they have – they simply want to CONTROL the 99%.

  11. Imagine how many people were blocked or accused of tinfoil antics when they've been correct all along, these elites are tryin to farm us and our young before they die, no one had the Gaul to do this and greater folk before them, they should be all rounded up and their wealth stripped and put across the world were kids and life is starved….. Their timely opportunity was always a plan…..

  12. Finally… Credit to Lilly. This really is key to everything. She put into one tiny article what I have been researching for the past 15 years… Its a top down view, the highest view and most important view that very few actually get to see… This is startling realization that what have we been living for the past 100 years is nothing but a lie, they used their central bank system to finance technological development, they have been throwing money at one industry to another, like I have read elsewhere in a book that's 50 years old, paraphrasing, they will use capitalism to build their new system, the groundwork for it, then they are going to destroy the current one and introduce the new, the technocratic communist system with them on top. Its shocking to see it all playing out. Its also shocking to know they most likely have a profile on everybody out there because we all expose ourselves online, I am most certainly labeled as a dissident. But what also gives me no hope at all is realization how difficult it is to explain this to people and how solutions against this are really not easy, people would have to put both their capitalist and communist views aside. The solution is not capitalism I am sorry, capitalism is nothing but feudalism in disguise… As I said to my brother often: Future is either utopia or dystopia. There is no capitalism, who is going to decide who gets how much money? I am sorry unless we turn to our inner light we are heading for the dystopia.

  13. It's difficult not to get lost down the rabbit hole of "theories" when we know what those at the top of the food chain are capable of. Thanks, as always, for being a voice of reason.

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