WTF NETFLIX!! Streaming Platform to Release SICK, DEGENERATE Film!!

Netflix are going to release a French film on their platform next month. However it’s about a bunch of 11 year old girls who get involved in a TWERKING dance group. Displaying some exceptionally disturbing imagery!!

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Written by HeelvsBabyface


  1. Joan Planas, a spanish youtuber, made a video about it, and said it's all Netflix's fault for how they sold the film on the trailer, that the film doesnt actually promote sexualizing kids but actually critisizes it, with the intention of talking kids out of it. And he couldn't be more anti-liberal so I trust his opinion

  2. Idk why this has a mature rating and that seems really weird. But that said I didn't see anything like ass in your face overly sexualized girls. It's literally just some friends finding a dance group and imitating wanting to be like those make it a hobby and get good at it with the dream of being someone big someday I'm guessing. My sisters and their friends always wanted to host dance shows in the living room because they found it fun. They would be practicing for hours before showing it to the whole family. They liked putting makeup on and dress up to make themself look beautiful as they saw it. That doesn't mean they're whores or trying to be one they're just having fun. It's like when you see sick plays in video games and then getting the urge to try it for yourself and so you start playing. So far from what the trailer showed visually it just seems to me people are sensitive crybabies as all hell. But that opinion could ofc change depending on the full movie.

    If the whole movie centers around twerking I do think that it would send the wrong message though. Not the kind of thing to encourage young girls.

  3. Still going on about the Catholic priest jokes huh?
    Not the Muslims? Not Africans? Not the school teachers? Not the ghetto, skid row or trailer park? We're still going on about the Catholic priests huh? Hmmm…

  4. And you are using the same sexualization of 11 year olds & the uproar surrounding it to drive views to your channel. Fake moral outrage is a real problem. Virtue signaling from all sides & it never fails to feel false.

  5. Defenders of this film say that this film is a showcase of budding female sexuality and a critique of the sexualization of minors in the media. The only reasons we have an issue with it is due to how Netflix marketed it and the fact that Americans are more prudish than French people (who apparently loved the film).
    What do you guys think?

  6. My niece is going to turn 12 in about 3 weeks and I am trying to find a unique gift card for her. Everything that comes up is in the vein of teddy bear slippers and stickers. WTF Netflix! I read what the flick was really about but that is still no excuse. Write a book, then. Don't show children for old men to play in their minds with..Good, Az! It is SICK…There is no excuse. As a young sexual abuse victim where the abuser tried to justify it for years..It is crap. Thank you and I support your channel.

  7. THE 'COVER ART' -Images from the movie itself.
    THE DESCRIPTION -Literally describes the very movie itself.
    NETFLIX RESPONSE"We are so sorry for the inappropriate description and cover art, it was not representative of the movie"


  8. How can parents allow their children to do something like this.. the police arrest and charge people for child grooming for less than these bastards have done in the name of art.. it's not art it's child abuse and the 6 months of audition tapes should be used to prosecute everyone at the casting auditions for paedophilia..Thompson describing Amy as a young black women when in fact she is just an 11 year old child just demonstrates that Hollywood are trying to normalize child exploitation..bunch of sickos

  9. Well ofcourse Social Media loves the 11 year old girls, just look at Twitter and their 'pedosexual MAP community', where they openly celebrate their attraction to kids.

  10. Netflix subscriber count will probably sky rocket once this film releases. They basically are releasing free whack-off material for pedophiles and sickos, and it will be in a legal format! Hurray for them!! And great job Netflix, you sick fucks

  11. It's that pattern… pedowood stuff
    NETFLIX = Ruled by satanists, pedophiles n cannibalists. Every production is FILLED with those stuff, the one eye n many others symbolism.
    Symbolism will be their downfall.
    This people are sick

  12. Its disgusting, and whats worse is theyve left it open for these young actresses to be sexualized. How many pedos are going to turn on Netflix and get off on this movie? Netflix can't control that, creeps are going to watch this movie just to get excited and watch little girls move the way they want them to. And the "empowering" message is just saying the only way to feel confident about yourself is to wear minimum clothing and twerk. Would you do that in a young coming of age boy movie??

  13. in case you missed it Az. They are desperately trying to normalize pedophilai. If you will recall this has happened to other empires along the path. Babylon, Roman. When we give in to our baser selves, do we then wonder so much that collapse is not that far away?

  14. I have one simple question. "What the fuck happened to us?" Can anyone answer that? Like, this sort of bs must be being programmed in schools or something. Because I dipped out as soon as I could and don't suffer from this same derangement. Who OK'd Cuties at Netflix and was like "THIS IS A GOOD IDEA!"? I mean… REALLY? And who wrote this? I can't tell if I'm disappointed or angry.