WTF! They just DELETED our website to ‘Kill The Bill’

Help us fight back: Because bullies won’t stop us from standing up to save our democracy.
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Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


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  1. You NEVER use a website ending with AU if the site is for things like "kill the bill" as AU Gment can cancel that site… Set one up using Russia etc then AU Gment cannot touch it…..ALL au sites are controlled by AU Gment

  2. Vic pollie MP Cross bencher Jane Garrett is allegedly ripe for crossing the floor, unhappy with Danny boy (?)

    So it Might be worth bombarding her with calls, emails and visits first thing in the morning to intervene to kill the bill… can’t hurt!

    Just Google her contact details.

    Next step: Badger and flood the Governor and The Queen with notices / petitions etc to not give Royal ass-ent.

  3. You know this bill is so so wrong when the Premier has to squash everyone and everything that opposes all he stands for.
    Every Australian, not just Victorians, need to stand against this bill until it is gone.
    What is happening here could and very well might happen across the country. We can’t let this stand

  4. You may as well give up Avi you’ve done your job and you’ve done it pride and dignity… but the scumbags have it all planned out… from the start of this Bullshit virus…

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