WW3 BABY, US APPROVES Sweden Finland Joining NATO Defying Russia As China FIRES Missiles Over Taiwan

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  1. So with the chip industry building up here does that mean they government is going to start allowing more mineral mining to produce the gold and other minerals for those chips? What will that do to their going green bill crap and how will those complaining about all that start to say about all the mining?

  2. So… the Dems are willing to start a world war to keep themselves in office? I think it’s pretty clear who the enemy is here. They ALL need to be tarred & feathered. The amount of human misery they are inflicting is more than 10 lifetimes of war crimes.

  3. Tim: Let China and Russia do whatever they want! It worked for is in the 30's with Germany and Japan, right?
    Seems to me war found us whether we wanted it or not. Should we start WWIII like we did WWII, as a middling military that was greatly underprepared? We don't have the industrial machine to churn out weapons of war in record time like we did in the 40's. We either get ready now or get caught on the back foot

  4. Okay, Tim hear me out, What if Taiwan is the true and still the real rulers of ALL China and uses the breakaway region of Taiwan to protect themselves from an uprising if it ever occurs ( not if but when) What better way to protect your power structure if the people don't even know who they're really being ruled by, imagine the protection this scenario would provide the real power structure of China.

    Taiwan = China's deep state…perfectly explains Nancy's visit. This is all theater

  5. So it looks like they are gonna go ahead and just start WW3 🙃 why not I guess they're destroying our entire way of life anyway. I just wonder if any of us will be here to see how it all works out?

  6. NATO is just the United States with a little bit of England. That’s it. The rest of these country’s supply nothing in a state of war. Most like Germany barely have a standing military. It’s a joke. So it’s the troops in your community that will drafted up first but it’s a fight we can’t win so your sons and brothers drafted next. Of course thankfully we have trans men who can pick up the slack!

  7. By my estimates Sweden and Finland owe roughly 2 trillion dollars for back payments of their 2% GDP

    These fence sitters deserve to be colony's of russia

  8. Nancy Pelosi is not brave, she's not a hero. She is garbage and trying to instigate and looks like she's trying to act like she's coming to rescue Taiwan. Yet China isn't going to do shit

  9. Since the U.S is useless in their Sin now I say let Japan fully Rearm they have more disdain for China and Communism then we do, Let them reawaken and we will have what I call the 21st Century Oda on our Side, they shouldn't betray us unless all of China Dies but I'd rather do Diplomacy with an Ambitious Japan then an ambitious China, History shows China and Russia Fear Japan as they have never defeated them, they both needed the U.S

  10. Calm down everyone. There is nothing to fear. Biden is in charge. Don’t forget how strong and sharp he is. He is always two steps ahead of everyone else and always puts America first. He is playing 4D chess.

  11. Anyone calling Russia's attack on Ukraine 'unprovoked' is part of the problem, either ignorant or actively disingenuous.
    'The West' has been pissing on Russia's leg for the past several decades and trying to tell them "it's just raining Democracy!"

  12. Russia invaded the country of their brothers ,uncles and mothers so Sweden And Finland thought that's their brothers were just friends ,oh crap, we need to join NATO. Russia know NATO won't invade because it's a defense pact.

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