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  1. Jackson, they don't have to invade China. All they need to do is force China to expend its resources into defending their homeland, and that will prevent China from advancing the BRI, and send support to developing countries in Africa and the Pacific to assist their stagnant development. They just need to remove China as a partner option of countries they want to continue exploiting.

  2. This whole Taiwan fiasco was easily preventable. All Brandon had to do was do nothing and maintain the status quo that had lasted for decades. But nope, he can't even control the ice cream witch.

  3. It has long been said, "if you want to know the truth of America's mainstream media, take everything they said and turn it in the opposite direction or flip it backwards and there you will find the truth".
    So, there you have it.

  4. Bravo! Taiwanese will fight China on behalf of the US!…and sacrifice their lives for the Americans. Good stuff. So proud of Taiwanese. God bless and God save the queen…hmm mixup somewhere I guess 😉🤭

  5. Hi, Being an Indian what I know is QUAD has not failed, India will not go along with QUAD becoming an Anti Russian military bloc(Not anti China). India is in QUAD because it is aimed to control China's military ambitions in the Indian Ocean. What you should understand is India is the only country which can defeat Chinas territorial ambitions

  6. China and Russia must prepare for War because the Neo-Cons in Washington are freakin Psychopaths! They could literally launch a nuclear war thinking they will survive it but they won't. Australians are not going to fight China to the last Australian for the US Military no way.

  7. Xi frequently says "prepare for war" because the Chinese military can never be ready. He has to keep reminding them they are there for fighting. Don't 'overestimate' the Chinese military.

  8. YOU have to know China wants world hegemony. China never likes peace.
    We already know China keeps “taking” (or stealing).
    That is why Chinese madness and aggression has to be “put out” each and every time.

  9. Why would China invade their own country ??? China is a peaceful country. Peaceful reunification is what Chinenes wants. We are brothers China and Taiwan. US#A Goverment are real warmongers, they couldnt care less for Taiwan or Ukraine. Is all about to weaken the two countries China and Russia, so they can continue with the US#A Hegemony !! VERY VERY EVIL and so full of Greediness and MADNESS the US#A Goverment !!

  10. Per international law, Taiwan is a “US territory”. Taiwan does not belong to China.
    Taiwan was a part of Japan for half a century (1895-1945) and people there were Japanese citizens. The US took Taiwan from Japan at the end of WW2. Since then, for 77 years, Taiwan has been a US territory or a US property.
    More importantly, the Taiwanese people are saying they DO NOT belong to China.
    What more do you need to know?

  11. Given the belligerence and aggression of the west, especially the US and NATO, preparing for war is prudent and rational. Only a stupid leader would ignore all the signs of the west preparing for invasion. Not only preparing, it has invaded several countries already in the last 20 years.

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