Xi Jinping Reappears After Rumors of Coup

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China is helping to fund the Ayatollah in Iran by buying up Iranian oil. The value of the Chinese yuan has plunged against the dollar. China’s space agency wants to explore Uranus. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for that and more of this week’s China news headlines.

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  1. the whole hong kong bs makes no sense the british respected the contract, but china violated the agreement, does that not invalidate the changing of hands to china? shouldn't hong kong be right back in british hands due to these violations of the agreements?

  2. Censored by social media. No follow up on the girls who "aren't allowed to go to school." No headlines about attacks on Shia minorities. Scarce full-length video footage in general. A while ago I decided that the only accurate way to judge them was based on their treatment of the Uighurs. Turkey, Pakistan, SA all turned their backs on the Uighurs, but not these guys. Well done.

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