Xi Jinping (Winnie the Pooh) Becomes the Next Mao Zedong

And the economy won’t like it:

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  1. @Styx The real estate market became a Ponzi scheme not to mention all the fake currency they printed from their own mint.
    I know it's investors are going to be moving too much friendly at India and I'll make a prediction for you. Russia will open up to American investment again except it will be one way Americans investing and even moving to Russia. Why because nobody wants to live in a non-capitalist country even if Trump can fix all the damage people's faith in a democracy remaining a capitalist country is a dead philosophy now because the presidency can change every 4 years. In Russia is opportunity it's not a free country but it's not a dictatorship either it hits a comfortable middle ground for a lot of people and greed has nothing to do with patriotism. Europe Europe has a great deal of wealth and they hate America or they will hate America after this winter. The green New Deal will never touch Russia and is dead now in Europe. Yeah we'll see that money Flood into Russia.

  2. Winnie the Ping sounds a lot like Saddam did. HUGE miscalculation … China can be taken out economically without firing a shot: Just reverse Nixon's "most favored enemy nation" policies and status, deny them our markets and our money, and overthrow and imprison Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and Feinstein, "general" Milley, and the CHICOM's other spies, saboteurs and agents of influence! Give Japan and Taiwan control of many nuclear subs and other nuclear and space-based assets!

  3. You're right Styx the whole world will soon slip into the Great Tribulation spoken of in the Bible (all countries will lose their sovereignty including the US, Russia, and China and come together to form the one world government which will have a one world king…the anti-Christ) …the Bible must be fulfilled; if the Bible wasn't fulfilled then God would be a liar and God has never lied to us nor will He ever!

  4. Xi isnt ccp hes cabal, thats why he had the former pm removed publicly to send a message to any other nationalist ccp top dogs. The CCP no longer runs China, the same cabal that controls western leaders does. Notice Xi removes the former pm while Biden has the FBI raid Trumps home and threatens Trump with arrest.

  5. Xi needs to stay in power because he has yet to make any noteworthy accomplishments. If he was to relinquish power now, he would just be known as the guy who failed to stop the wu-flu. Nothing else he's done is of any note; or is at least overshadowed by the wu-flu.

  6. She Jin Ping. If you just say She for Xi it is actually much closer to the real pronunciation. Xi in chinese is a mix between Cee and She but saying she is close enough for a westerner.

  7. Ya…i don't give a shit!
    I don't give a shit about Taiwan either….their country, their rules….we have millions of homeless, 50+ million invading illegals, and collapsing roads and bridges….zero fucks given dude

  8. XiJinPing still is not the face of Yuan currency so he's not quite Mao, but that might change in the near future.

    Indeed there are dictators in the west and certainly China isn't better on that account. I think the Rick Moranis version of Darth Vader in Spaceballs saying "I knew it, I'm surrounded by assholes!" pretty much sums up the current situation.

  9. "Covid" will never be over and not only because it's been weaponized but because animals can get it also. So unless a virus can be stopped in the wild it will never be stopped.

  10. I don't think that China's zero COVID policy is about the illness, I think it's a convenient excuse to exercise strong control. The average life style in China is going down considerably from where it's been recently. If you give them something worse to deal with and then let them out they will be happy about the improvement, having forgotten about the loss

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