Yale Discriminates Against White and Asian Applicants, Claims DOJ

Affirmative action is racism my friend:


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  1. And favours black students and then a lot of them end up dropping out because they're academically mismatched. A bad policy all round, but hey, "MUH DIVERSITY!!!!!".

  2. Exactly on target with this analogy. Not sure I'd buy your bread though. Hell I can't even pronounce your name. BTW although I've been watching every day for the last year or so, strangely your posts have fallen off my watch list. Hmmm?

  3. Styx, that was a dredful analogy. Why would a hypothetical bread store sell a static total number of loaves?

    Even worse, an add campaign for bread A would be expected to bring in more total customers, which would probably boost sales for B as well.

    …then you'd just end up getting up earlier and hiring a second baker to make more total loaves.

    ..maybe even a third kind of bread…

  4. "Made of Andy Six logs."
    Now I'm positive you're a genuine /b/ tard, and not a Socialist plant doing reverse reverse reverse psychology. The new Styx is alive!

  5. How is it racist? Affirmative Action BENEFITS white women more so than people of color. You all are just a bunch of assholes that need anything to bitch about so you can feel fulfilled.

  6. Yeah Styx, IQ is a thing and if they used your method whites and Asians would still be accepted more leading to the other races bitching about how it isn't fair. I don't know why you can't understand this and realize the obvious problem is diversity. Diversity does not work. It never has and it never will.

  7. I think that people selected for jobs, college entrance, and all sorts of things should be based on individual merits only. If an entire race is left in the dust, so be it. If ONLY Asians made the grade for college entrance, so be it. It is a stupid concept that organizations of any sort should mirror or represent the population at large. You do not see too many people with Down's Syndrome enter the brain surgery work force.

  8. I'm a 4.0 college student and I was rejected from Harvard when I was trying to transfer and I also had a 3.7 GPA in high school. I'm majoring in astrophysics so its not a very competitive major so now I'm thinking that I was reject because I'm "white". Its completely ridiculous and extremely demotivating because regardless of how well you do in school you'll still be rejected because of your skin color

  9. It favors black students, and they still haven't raised their numbers. It's a monsterous failure of "affirming" legislation. It's racist, wrong, and anti-American in nature as being against merit.

  10. 2021: As required by Federal law, photos are now required for all online job applications and submissions. –Later that day. "We regret to inform you that your skin is not dark enough for the position."

  11. Your problem is that you assume that the purpose of education is to bring forward the best individuals, in order to benefit society through the accomplishments they can be expected to provide. And, of course, to reward them for their commitment to excellence.

    Wrong. The purpose of education is to wage the collective struggle for equity. It is to reduce the advantages of those who try hard, if they’re the “wrong” group. It is to put forward people simply on the basis of their identity, regardless of the impact on society, science, law, industry, etc. Education is an identity-based entitlement. At least, it is to the people who create, champion and enforce these entrance policies.

  12. Blind Application would bring to light a Racial honesty that American society wouldn’t be able to handle at this time, I think. When an Asian Association sued Harvard for discrimination, Harvard itself stated that a lack of racism in application would result in some years having zero African American students, some maybe one or two.