Yea… I think you better sit this one out.. LOL


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  1. No one is going to support the Chinese citizens. The CCP will soon let the PLA go hog wild all over the country. Mao killed somewhere around, what was it, 30 million in the cultural revolution? They might not go as far this time, but it is hard to say. It has been a while since the PLA got to go out and stomp the population. While all that is going on, the western nations will all stand around and wring their hands and spout platitudes.

  2. I wish some idiot from the government would try to wield my door! That door would turn into Swiss cheese real fast! Everyone who has a gun needs to get a cb radio if they do not have one! We can communicate even if they stop our phones

  3. „Look at ukraine“ typical americans rooting for the bad guys, do some research into the oddessa massacre, john mark dougan on YouTube, svoboda (the N@zi party that literally rules over ukraine) and the fact that the army are intentionally putting civilians kin danger then blame russia for civilian deaths, its truly awful what the civilians have to go through and when you learn that a significant portion of the country HATES ukraine and wants Russia to win it really puts into perspective how awful the media has it, in ukraine you get killed for „wrong think“ (supporting freedom of speech/expression or wanting russia to win) and its insane to me how people blindly support the bad guys and their only argument is „muhh russia bad“ even though from the ukrainian civilians POV Russia is the good guys

  4. Lol, this is no surprise to me. Next thing you see is a fire in these buildings. Them what. Every political change was preceeded by one thing, starvation. When they can't eat, that's it. Millions were starving when Nixon and Deng should ping made agreement and started cities for capitalism. This now generates 18 percent for all trade directly to the CCP. They love it, but need to control, and that's their limiting factor. Their biggest issue is lack of food hence they over fish oceans. Go green? Lol more like we can't burn enough coal, but still need more.

  5. The extreme drought made it even worse.
    It caused the agriculture sector in China to fail.
    Even the Energy sector, the Hydro Power sector is failing to the point they're getting blackouts in major cities.

  6. funny how libs told people here in the states to shut up and comply….but when china revolts against the lockdowns…the libs praise it…

    this isn't the end of the ccp….ccp has the tanks…and most importantly the guns….hmm i wonder what libs think about the 2nd amendment….oh wait they have already made their stance clear

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