Yeah, This Guy Is High AF

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is soon to remove one the policies that helps preventing illegal migration. Even though border crossings have doubled under Biden, Mayorkas claim they are doing a good job…LOL.

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  1. President Trump stands on stage and take questions from the press for hours at a time. Horrible person.
    The whole Biden administration receives questions and answers with canned responses often not even addressing the question. Best administration ever.
    You can make this shit up.

  2. Yeah, he's not lying. He really does consider it a good job because 240k illegals are crossing our border which is exactly what they are going for here. One of the Biden Administration's backing contributors believes in destroying all national borders, it was the cherished ideology of his dad before he died, and Georgie boy has been zealously about getting his daddy's wishes done. Lord help us all; glad the Scripture clearly says, A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps. Proverbs 16:9

  3. Mayorkas behaves like he hates Americans, he wants our borders to be wide open to everyone. And he hasn't unplugged the Disinformation Governance Board yet.

  4. It is not the government that is incompetent

    it's the people, for tolerating this. There's 60% taxes, 200% inflation, mass death, mass suicide, and all teens care about is getting pregnant for their kink, aborting, then chill&netflix.

  5. Of course you are ending it, because you end everything good and implement everything evil. Good luck with that. It's nice that you have zero concern for the innocent victims of murder, rape, theft, sex trafficking, vandalism, drug wars, etc., perpetrated by the miscreants coming across our southern border from everywhere. You will get your come-uppance, in this life or the next, but I hope I get to see it.

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