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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. Yelp literally calls my familys' business once a week it gets really old. "Your business is not setup" etc etc. I don't want to use your shitty site don't you get it??

  2. At this point in time, I no longer trust social media or any other platforms because you can now earn a living or get a side hustle being a paid troll or a positive reviewer. I'd rather talk to someone I know about a any establishment who had a direct experience with the business or I can just risk it just like in the past when this kind of digital reviews were non-existent. As a GenXer, I have seen how things truly changed from honest reporting by the MSM where both sides were given to being a mouthpiece of a preferred narrative. And this has spilled over to the digital public square.

  3. Since their systems decides what review is or is not recommended (And thus factored into the score), doesn't it mean they take the data reviewers make and give them a "rating" on how "accurate" it is, making each review be the company's interpretation of the review (And thus a speaker in "What's accurate and what isn't") and thus be liable for defamatory claims? Same with calling companies racist based on those "generated" statistics from their own AI.

    I'm not a lawyer but that's what it's like to me.

  4. If you own a business, you soon realize what a scam operation Yelp is. They are relentless in calling to sign up for their service if you get a negative review.

  5. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in Louis; the Geek Squad has NO problem licking the hobo poop from my keyboard. Apparently Louis is "too good" for that full service treatment. Elitist !!!

  6. These days I'm more suspicious of 5 star reviews than 3 star reviews, most people will only go out of their way to leave negative reviews so I fully expect to see 3 or 4 star ratings, most 4 or 5 star rated places seem to have fake accounts setting up 5 star reviews

  7. I think it's time to download the Yelp app and let my review of it reflect my honest opinion (without using offensive language).

  8. "after careful evaluation" means they pay a sub-contractor to spend maybe 22 seconds to scan something and try to figure out if it violated a vague guideline that noone understands. And Yelp is still a thing? I think I deleted them from my memory a few years ago during the last scandal. Besides, that review is so stupid I can't believe people believe that garbage.

  9. Google reviews get much better search traffic. Any business owner should always direct his/her customers to leave reviews with Google, not Yelp. Eventually Yelp will be so irrelevant nobody will care about their reviews.

  10. If we make it so every single business listed on yelp has this warning, we can render it a complete joke. They will have to get rid of it or let it stand as a monument to their stupidity.

  11. those were obvious troll comments… but unfortunately, not within what software can differentiate from actual reviews. however, this is not that different from amazon reviews or google maps reviews or even steam reviews… they have the exact same type of problem and it just doesn't matter to me because I don't rely on the average but on top voted reviews and on recent ones (positive and negative alike). and only if they have what I'd consider valid points. On the other hand, if trolly or low effort comments are spamming the reviews and if they get a lot of upvotes, it really looks weird for either the product or sometimes the shop.

  12. As a weeb latino, I feel you have discriminated me because you don't have any anime posters in your facility.

    Can't score lower than 1 star. Disgusting.

  13. Phil M. review with the shrek profile picture is pretty good.
    Yelp should be aware that shrek wouldn't ever travel around the streets of new york without donkey.