Yelp to Start Giving Businesses a Scarlet Letter for Mere Accusations of Bigotry

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  1. Yelp trying to make a social credit score system a thing, and have it be based on the online SJW / black supremacist mob's feelings.

  2. Beautiful lol saves me the trouble of sorting out where I want to spend my money. Plus I hope someone sues the fuck outta yelp for this outrageous policy. Fuck Yelp.

  3. They are not blinded by “wokeness” they just dont care. If a few falsely accused businesses get bankrupted in the process of a “greater good” they are completely fine. With Liberals the ends always justify the means.

  4. In case it wasn't obvious, Yelp runs a defamation racket. They know that most of the organic traffic on their platform is angry customers who leave bad reviews. They also know most of its users are either out-of-towners or ignoramuses and will make a decision based solely on the number of stars a business has. If you subscribe to their marketing service, Yelp buries those reviews and their low-info consumers think your business is great.

    I guess that didn't raise enough money, so they're using accusations of racism to shake businesses down for more cash.

  5. At this point it would not bother me one bit if they would shut down the whole internet 90% of it is nothing but bullshit anyway now days it was ok back in the day when it first started all the morons was not on it yet just like everything else people fuck it up.

  6. I'm a small business owner and I just received the "Take a stand against discrimination" email this morning. I had the 'Free' listing with them. I just closed my account and sent them an email about what I think about their 'wokeness' and 'pandering'.

  7. Now Yelp! has given snowflakes another weapon to abuse. I hope that Yelp! gets the crap sued out of themselves! There are some bona fide racists out there, but most of the people who get called racist are not.