Yep. Biden’s Still A Bad Candidate.

A man who’s forgotten more than he’s ever known.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. I honestly don't think he's "demented" or has a brain disorder, I think he's a drunk. I'm dead serious, I think he's a drunk, and that's yet another reason I'm voting for Trump. I don't want a drunk near the launch codes.

  2. I hate the Democratic death star more than anyone, but it's clear that Biden will win and the Senate will flip. We'll have to endure four years of degradation and regroup behind Tom Cotton and Nikki Haley.

  3. Who ever I want to lose always wins. Biden is someone who I definitely do not want to win, not because of the narrative you have shown here, not because he was a shity VP, not because the DNC rigged the election 2x for another dumbass candidate. I wanted Trump to lose in 2016, but to Gary, but Gary I saw as someone who was going to lose. Too much of our population is brainwashed into this two party system where majority of them vote based off a party based off their manipulation blocks, and are too easy to manipulate by the elite. That is why trump won, he is a elite, I agreed with most of his points but not all of them. I saw him as a danger but lucky he didn't drain the swamp and waste our economy on a wall that isn't going to fucking work well. It will work but not worth the cost unless there is something much more to gain. Like IDK, building solar panels on that bitch and generating electricity for the poor nation of Mexico and its citizens and charging the mexico government, and telling them to fuck off with their fucking avocado farms put a god damn tariff on those bitches for consuming too much fucking water so the leftists can choke on 15 bathtubs of water all at the same time that would be a better use for them.

  4. Checking in Independence day 2020! Weird how suddenly Biden’s racism disappeared as our country went up in flames! Seems odd timing for the BLM/Antifa propaganda machine went into over drive after Biden forget to hide his actual racism.

    Weird hu?

  5. i love how biden travels around in a filthy bus spewing poison into the atmosphere with all that co2 coming out because i thought biden was all about environmentalism?

  6. You remember that quote from spongebob about old people are the greatest and full of wisdom. I don’t think that applies to joe here

  7. Bro, from one metalhead to another, that clip you show of Joe, it’s been fucked with!! It’s been made to look & sound the way it does!! Even conservatard media didn’t run with it because it’s a hackers work!!

  8. Would you consider splitting this channel into two so the music and gaming takes don't include the politics? Its why I unsub'd.

    There are what 10,000 political hacks on YT uploading their 'fresh' hot take every hour, whereas people like you that can parse the good and the bad of everything from hair bands to Slayer are far fewer and far more valued. Please consider uncrossing these streams.

  9. say no more my goddman he was gone along time ago which I even knew back then. If Bunden gets elected there would be Wrath that will take the whole world down. They will get there 95% gone shit will come true. But they will be the first part of the 95% that will go away. Ha Ha just kidding. not

  10. Y'know, looking at that old clip…Old Joe has never been anything more than a talking point. He doesn't create his own thoughts, he just distills whatever Democratic thought happens to be popular at the time and spills it out of his mouth.