Yes, Antifa Has HIJACKED The Floyd Protests, But These Protesters Are REVELING In The Destruction

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  1. If you are destroying shit and harming others you're NOT a protester!!! YOU ARE A RIOTER AND A CRIMINAL!!!!

  2. The left have started an email bombardment demanding that companies pledge support & change to blm, naacp, etc… I’m up to over a thousand emails now containing the exact same mantra.

  3. A PERSON "Can Be" smart, but PEOPLE,, especially in groups are STUPID! EVERY Political Agatator uses that UTTER Stupidity as a weapon.

  4. If anyone out there could tell me which king said these words that seem appropriate for what’s going on in the uk and the USA I’d appreciate it, will someone/ no one rid me of this troublesome priest

  5. Antifa isn't one central hierarchy. They organize like terrorist cells without a centralized authority. They'll name their cell "Student Liberation Group" or something, but they (and Antifa) are getting their training and funding from a few sources. Follow the money.

  6. Every damned channel is black this, and support black that, and educated yourself. Ads, tv commercials, etc. You can't escape this shit, and so few are willing to admit BLM is a hate group because…

  7. This really opened my eyes to a lot of things and why they are happening the way they are. It's really wild that so many are walking around unconsciously and unintentionally, like they are just entirely on autopilot. It's time to wake up the masses. I don't know how it's done, but we need it more than ever, we need people to live intentionally and with purpose

  8. Look, these protest and rioting are linked. the peaceful protests are a front to hide the looters and rioters. They simply deny it. It won't stop because the liberals in charge of the cities are in league with the terrorist and are not enforcing the laws, and when they do arrest people, they let them go in 24hrs or less.

  9. I don't doubt that he knows some radicals that operate in certain ways, but I really need more than his anecdotes to justify labeling everyone associated with these protests a terrorist and sending the national guard or military on them. He says he is concerned about authoritarianism, but the ruling party is frothing at the mouth to use military force to silence dissent. That is not a rumor or an anecdote, the President has been very open about it.

  10. What are the most credible sources out there for these claims about Antifa motives? All I can find on Antifa is that they oppose far right organizations, and are composed of many different political ideologies. If you claim otherwise, and you have more information, I'm sorry but I need something more substantial than "I know a guy." Is there any intelligence that reflects this from more substantial sources?

  11. "Why would the police waste their time sabotaging these protests?" Seriously? The protests that are about diverting funds from the police to other areas? You can't find any motive there?

  12. "These Protesters Are REVELING In The Destruction"

    Protesters don't revel in destruction. The only people who revel in destruction are criminals, evil people, or people who want to tear the system down. Want to take a guess which of these types of people the "protesters" are, Tim? I'll give you a hint. Someone can fit more than one of those three categories.