Yes, the EU Just Banned Almost All of Russian Oil

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. Why ? Is it to commit economic suicide ? What are these politicians thinking? Baeback and Von de Leyen?
    Why do these two get to decide for the entire EU. Are they plotting to destroy Europe? This is crazy. No one objected?

  3. Great all EU countries need to pay much more for the oil. Inflation higher this is what they want be with it. Middle East countries take this opportunity to earn as much as possible and stand together. Don't increase production output.

  4. That's an illusion. They are still buy it via agents, they do to neutral seas and take it from vessel to vessel. The oil export increased 30%. If to watch on charts – who is buying – amongst the countries there is some buyer named "Unknown" – those are agents or EU/US hiding by some offshore countries. Also oil export to Asia increased a lot to China and India.

  5. After 100 days of war in Ukraine, the West is writing a lot today about the fiasco of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Let's look at the facts.

    1. The goal of the Russian attack was and remains to conquer Donbas, which the Russians also said clearly and loudly right at the beginning of the military operation. At a time when Ukrainians were defending Kyiv from an alleged attack, a “hungry, disorganized and incompetent” Russian army connected Crimea with Donetsk by land, surrounded Mariupol, and occupied Kherson. Today they are just about to finally occupy the entire Donbass.

    2. Meanwhile, the West is wondering when the war will end, sending a lot of military aid to Ukraine and helping it with logistics.

    3. Western sanctions harm Europe at least as much as Russia. All the price hikes and possible famines in the world are the fault of the West, which has sanctioned the exports of the world's largest food producer and exporter, Russia.

    4. It is increasingly common to hear from Western military leaders, politicians and journalists that Russia must be militarily defeated in such a way that it will "never again be able to attack other countries". Given that Ukraine itself is unable to do this, this means that the West is announcing a third world (nuclear) war. After that, Russia will really not be able to attack any country, and the rest of the world will not.

    5. The West accuses Putin of being an autocrat and dictator because he has been in power for 20 years. Meanwhile, yesterday the Queen of England celebrated 70 years of rule. By the way – the Queen of England has the power to dissolve parliament, Putin does not have that power.

    6. The West claims that there is unanimity in Russia, and it is the West that has banned all Russian media in the West.

    7. The West argues that every sovereign state has the right to decide whether or not to be a member of a military alliance. It's not true. Cuba has not had this right for 50 years. The U.S. even threatened World War when Russia sent Cuba “military aid” in 1962. The Russians then understood the situation and relented. The West is clearly not today despite Russian threats to decisively and vigorously attack anyone who intervenes in the war in Ukraine. Believe me, Mexico should NOT buy Russian weapons, let alone cooperate militarily with Russia.

    8. The West argues that Russian occupation and changing borders is a precedent after the end of World War II. As if the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state with the help of NATO military intervention have never happened in Europe.

    9. So, if the occupied territories (Palestine, Golan, Cyprus, northern Syria, Northern Ireland …) can be occupied by the occupiers for decades without any problems, Ukraine will join these countries. If the Slovenes were in principle, the new government would have to hang the Russian flag on the front of the government building, as the Janša government did when it hung the aggressor Israeli flag in the event of a conflict between Palestine and Israel.

    10. And so the war will last until the last Ukrainian, as one of the greatest thinkers of our time, Noam Chomsky, put it. Just as Israel, Great Britain, Turkey and many others in the world have been holding occupied territories for decades, so will Russia.

    Noam Chomsky: "When a complicated situation arises and all (Western) politicians fully agree (total agreement) on how to deal with it, it should raise concerns. Probably something is wrong." But often the problem for the average person is that they can recognize a complex situation. The "total agreement" has appeared several times in recent history – in the reasons for the attack on Iraq (false report on Iraqi possession of weapons of mass destruction) and last but not least in the Covid-19 pandemic, where some politicians are repeating claims long ago scientifically refuted.

    Don’t be a sheep and start thinking with your head. Don’t let politicians think and decide for you. They will not be hungry, they will not be cold in winter, and least of all they will take up arms and go to fight at the front. Think about what is good for you and your family, not for Ukraine, Russia or the US. They think for themselves, without worry.


  7. I thought the ban would be immediate. The EU is adopting America scare tactics. The executives who are implementing ban will not be affected. I bet you they have solar or back up. Only the poor will suffer

  8. The EU and the West are stupid, they've been attacking Russia for 40 years all about energy, they wanted to destroy Russia's economy, but Putin been giving them hints, he knew it long time ago, now he is setting them up to destroy their own economies and they are not aware because they are stupid, they kept lying till they believed their own lies. Next tgey will be fighting each other.

  9. Why don't Russia switch off all the energy supply to Europe and save all the eu leaders the trouble of flying to n fro for all these meetings adding more carbon to the atmosphere

  10. Here in NSW Australia east coast we have been paying A$2.00 to $2.25 per litre for several weeks, really upsets me when Sepos winge about fuel prices

  11. Why should anybody be suffering? Just so America can sit on top of the shit pile, how long has it been since our governments talked about trade and tourism? It’s hate hate and more hate…this is what America stands for! At least until they eradicate the rodents running the country

  12. The way Zelensky expects the whole world to go to shit just because he made the wrong decisions for his own country is laughable. Sorry but no one is as silly as him. This kind of ideological warfare hurts the common people of the global south. US and Europe caused global warming for 5 decades and now ask India or China to stop developing so that they can continue exploiting this planet. Heights of arrogance and entitlement. Very colonialist mentality. Cold war is actually colonial mentality of the west/global north. Anyway crippling any country the Western language itself shows they only care for themselves and no one else.

  13. That is because EU is buying US liberated oil from Libya and Syria. US liberated that oil from those countries they invaded for free and selling it to EU.

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