Yes, The U.S. Is Stealing Syrian Oil, Dummy!

The United States is currently, and has been for the better part of a decade, occupying a third of Syria – in particular the area that contains most of Syria’s oil deposits and arable land. Yet when The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( tweeted a comment about the US stealing Syria’s oil, history professor Brad Simpson objected, mocking Maté and suggesting he do better journalism. To which Maté responded with overwhelming evidence, including statements from Biden officials and from Donald Trump, that the U.S. “owns” a third of Syria and we’re there for the oil.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Aaron about his Twitter interaction with Simpson and whether he injured his wrist from dunking so hard on the professor.

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  1. America is stealing Syrias wheat and oil. But America doesnt need the wheat and oil. America is starving Syria of its resources. End of video. Why is America starving Syria of its resources? Regime change. But thats not in Americas interest. It is in another middle east countrys interest, just like all the other wars fought in the past two decades. shut it down Jimmy Dore being silly again

  2. At least the British Empire wasn't shy about planting their flag. They never pretended they weren't in a country. Queen Victoria would have renamed Syria as New Sussex or something by now.

  3. I’m starting to think the whole America/Europe/Russia/China fighting is political theatre. A global strategy of pretending to be enemies to go to war but really they are going to destroy people while these countries most wealthy and ruling class rake in infinite amount of profits… while they all become more and more totalitarian. The end game? WW3 so horrendous and traumatic we agree we must never go to war again. An global economic collapse to horrible we say we can never let that happen again… Only way to do that is become one government, create one currency, and boom… one world order… but what do I know? I’m just a conspiracy theorist going off a hunch.

  4. What's STILL going on in Yemen woke me up years ago. Deliberately killing children STILL! A child dies every 10 minutes due to our forces laying siege to a sovereign nation . Evil

  5. America is tyranny. America is bigotry. America is hegemony. America is evil. The American "for profit" war machine must be stopped. We have no soldiers in America…..only mercenaries. A true soldier hero would protect America against DOMESTIC ENEMIES (Just like they swore when they signed up in the military)

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