YES, They Really Are *Deleting* the Internet And it’s WAY Worse Than You Think

I tried another experiment on multiple search engine browsers and what I found is unbelievably disturbing. Share this with others.

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  1. I have a question, do you think it could be cuz people are being paind to promote surtain things and others that dont pay dont get promoted? Just an honest question. I think that could be a thing

  2. Jimmy when I first got online in 09 it was doing that then, so this is not anything new. Think of the information on the internet like the ocean, we only know what's in the top 5% of it, and it's the same way with most customer related internet as we just surfing the little top part of it, when you get into the deeper stuff dark web the Deep Web whatever ones after that there's where the rest of your billions of answers are. At least that was the way it was explained to me. Cuz I had these same questions.

  3. The same corporate overlords that own the legacy media also own the mainstream media and they funnel money to search engines to get prioritary placement. They know where the eyeballs are and they want their narrative at the forefront.

  4. I'm skeptical on this, but I truly wonder if in fact there really is 8 + billion articles written on January 6th. That is a lot of articles, how many article would need to have been written per day from Jan 6th 2021 till Aug 15th 2022 in order to have over 8 billion results?

  5. They have been limiting the information we have been receiving for years. I do have to say thank you for your channel it’s very good, and I was not expecting you to bring up this new information you did. Our country would never have been involved in the War for Iraqi Freedom if we the people knew the truth. As I’m sure you know now.

  6. Imagine what could and will be done when artificial intelligence (A.I.) is connected to the human mind. The WEF have already said that is what they are planning to do! They will be able to control all our perceptions and thoughts. Game over!

  7. I found it helps if you add an alternative news source. If you search for 'january 6 "activist post"', you will find a link to the alternative news media "Activist Post" In the search results.

  8. Millie Weaver aka Millenial Millie did a documentary called Shadowgate. It basically describes how the intelligence services can not only throttle information but focus and direct it to create instability and friction points in governments and populations. It uses artificial intelligence and algorithms and social media to direct peoples attention at an event/point in time to gain a certain outcome.

  9. I don't get the same results that you got. I am using Brave browser with Google search. Wikipedia only comes up once at the beginning. That said, I only get about 9 pages of results with 35-40 for each page. Mostly news article from around the world. Yes, I am in the United States and most results are from here with few duplicates.

  10. This has been a problem since 2015.
    It's the legacy media, print and broadcast, have been dying out and they are angry about it, because nobody likes them, so they're using, what little re$ource$ they have left and barging and buying their way onto the largest internet platforms and paying and playing it dirty so their opinions get seen first before anyone else's.
    Only solution to this is for all of us to exit the large platforms and join or create new ones.

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