Yes, Vaccine Passports Are Fascism



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  1. Not only is it fascistic it is illegal. Experimental vaccines or drugs cannot under established law be made mandatory to take in any way. Both employers and private companies as well as govt. officials are and can be held personally liable for violating said law being – 21 US Code section 360bbb-3. Did you get that? This is all a scam to get you to take this crap by giving your consent so they can skate on what they would otherwise be liable for under law. Don't do it people. Let the suits begin. DC/Lex Gnosticos

  2. We committed economic suicide so that the Establishment could enact the Social Experiment of the century.
    The pandemic was nothing but an excuse to see how many rights and freedoms people were willing to give up out of fear.

    Meanwhile, China will face no punishment for spreading a disease worldwide, apart from a slap on the wrist and wagging of the finger.

  3. It is truly weird that people are so dumbed down that racists are pointing their fingers at others and calling them racist.

    And, now fascists are calling their opposition fascist.

    It must be so confusing for all the sheeple.

  4. Absolutely they are extremely facist. The dems are the new nazis. It’s game over Patriots do not ban together and stand up to the radical leftest.

  5. Well yeah. Anyone with half a brain knows that. For all the lefties out there that don't know what fascism sounds like, it goes a little like this…SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!

  6. Every communist in the US defended states individual rights to declare sanctuary cities completely ignoring the federal laws, but now these same commies are defaming individual states for refusing federal vaccine passports? F’ing hypocrite sociopaths.

  7. Don't ever comply with a illegitimate president and administration. Think for yourself and don't follow stupid people who are sheep. Biden stolen this past election and he will also steal your rights away.

  8. Big tech: We won't allow you to go get stuff from places you want. But you can always buy it to us and we'll charge you extra for delivery.

  9. So called anti fashion groups voluntarily grabbed the actual fashions barrel and hungrily wrapped their lips round it blindly believing the lies (and yes i did spell them wrong)

  10. If you want to enter the building of any corporation anywhere in the world you have to go through security just like a border checkpoint then you have to show your ID and provide the name of the person you are there to see. If you work there you have to get an ID card to swipe it at the door.

  11. Fascism? Shit! Fascism would probably be a relief. I'm worried about a mass culling of humanity. Like billions of people intentionally killed with a quiet little 'addition' to one of the vaccines. Hell, they're going to be injecting nearly EVERYONE every 6 months? Think the super rich might not like a bit more empty land to go biking on? Think they might like to turn the Taj Mahal into a giant disco? Think that they'd even wince at the moral stain of them knowingly depopulating the human race and then enslaving the tiny remaining fraction? I don't think they'd mind.

    As for Antifa, when they attacked a gay Vietnamese American for thinking differently, that's all I really needed to see about their views on fascism.

  12. Politicians don't do anything that doesn't benefit them, these vaccine passports are being pushed by big pharma to sell as many of their useless vaccines as possible before people just stop caring