YIKES: They Destroyed EVERYTHING!! Here’s Why…

YIKES: They Destroyed EVERYTHING!! Here’s Why…

This video explains a possibility for why they destroyed everything and how the world is being rebuilt.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Look we are being betrayed and controlled!
    This is all part of the bigger Agenda for…
    Divide and conquer
    "Build back better"
    Brought to you by the World Economic Forum
    "Where you will own nothing and be happy" AKA Black Rock /Blackstone/Vanguard/ ESG scores
    Environmental Social Governance
    AKA the Great Reset/ NWO / U N / ELITE/ Agenda 21 2030 / 2050 (China)

    Don't kneel to these scumbags
    They can go FLUCK themselves

    God Family Counrty (GFC)
    God Bless America
    Long Live Our Constitutional Republic!🇺🇸

  2. Black people should be so outraged at how the establishment gladhands them at every turn so that they can use them for political gain. Literally an entire race is being used by the establishment and they just roll over and let it happen. It's embarassing. At every turn we see a black person being pushed forward into an office or position simply because they are black, and then the puppet masters just tell them what to say. Pathetic.

  3. I understand all your fears guy but do you have an answer I'm sorry you have to pay more in taxes (oh by the way we all live off printed money so that makes us all liberals bet you wouldn't have a dime if they stop printing money) we all give so that we can receive.

  4. We all know they're evil & have been working up to this level of chaos for a long time. They're throwing everything they've got at societies around the world trying to collapse it all. Vegetables wouldn't take as much fertilizer to grow were they not Monsanto fields. Once you plant those things, it takes a long time for your soil to recover from the pesticides & herbicides required to grow Monsanto seeds. I went to a peach orchard up the road from my house in GA for decades. They expanded, bought GMO trees & then due to run off, soil contamination they lost every tree they had prior, forcing them out of business. It's part of a decades long plan to take farmland away from families & into the age of Big Ag. If they own all the farmland, they control us completely. It's why we bought as many acres as possible, paid cash & are in a very remote area. I only have one bar on my phone & it won't be long before I lose that little bit of outside contact just to give you an idea. Get land so you can feed yourself. Make sure to get the soil & water quality tested prior to purchase if it's lower elevation & ever had a farm, business, mining, etc near it. There's ppl who get burned on that. My land has never been touched by modern man & neither has any of it around me plus its on a mountain. Prepare for the worst & pray for the best is my motto. Livestock, veggies, canning, smoking, root cellars should be on everyone's minds these days. They may just be successful in their plot so be ready.

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