Yippee – Here Comes Immigration To Save The Property Market!

We all know interest rates are rising, and this is having a significant impact on mortgage underwriting, and so home prices and listing are rising. But never fear, as the Government has a plan to save the market. Because now we know Labor will use the upcoming Jobs & Skills Summit as cover to launch Australia’s biggest ever immigration program. So in today’s show we look at what they say, and also discuss the latest negative indicators on listings and auction clearances.

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  1. best move is a perm one to state running a system loosely along the lines of 'market socialism ' AKA: pretty much what post war Australia was until the neo liberal gangsters began their 'death of a thousand cuts' routine on this once equitable nation.

  2. Don't we have a rental crisis. Say with 200k increase in pop a year, with say 4 per property. Doesn't that mean we will be getting an increase of at least 50,000 homeless Australia per year??

  3. There’s a real concern that the young generations will give up working if property prices don’t come down significantly. Ask yourself why you’d want to get up early, work flat out, commute home, rinse and repeat if you know you’ll never afford a home? Better off working less and enjoying life as there’s no point to working hard to get ahead. This is very worrying and you’re seeing a trend like this in China where the young can’t find employment or expected to work 996. “Bai Lan”.
    Note: I was disappointed to see the number of people attending home opens surge in Perth this weekend.

  4. There are 2 levers governments & central banks can pull to lift gdp & float off government (our collective) debt.
    1. Inflation
    2. Immigration
    The music can't stop, not in a debt based monetary system. That's their real reason. The trick is to not yank these levers too hard and end up with a whole lot of unintended consequences. The alternative to this system is we would all have to consistently lift our productivity. Be careful what you wish for.

  5. This is really disappointing from Labor, although they are still better than the LNP by a long way, the way they continue to prop up the housing market and import workers to suppress wages is incredibly harmful. Let the damn housing market crash! The government needs to stop propping it up and to develop a genuine housing policy to allow people to have a roof over themselves without being debt slaves for the rest of their lives.

  6. So 40,000 more migrants.. yeah may have a net zero effect in the first few years from a net loss of population during covid.
    Population affects job vacancy but not wages. That's now proven.
    Ask an agent it's to help property
    Ask an economists it's to help the economy
    Ask a car salesman it's to help retail..
    Anyone can spin a narrative in the end it's another economey lever.

  7. dont mean to be rude, but what was wrong with the white Australia policy, there is no country in the world that is mostly white anymore, how many years do we have , till we have a all Indian or Chinese Australian government with different values.

  8. The building industry is kuput, materials are not there, but the govt hey lets bring in a shit tonne of people and that'll sort it all out at least for us. Govts are the worst thing possible to use for fixing problems.

  9. I was pleased that Labor won tge election. With tbis decision I begin to suspect other than less blatant corruption not much will change. Stagnating wages from high immigration and more housing/rent pain, you'd think our leaders hate average Australians

  10. Where is the additional energy magically going to come from to service all these immigrants? The whole of Australia is already on the brink of rolling-blackouts due to so many coal-fired power stations having been decommissioned. It's as if they're going to run this immigration racket until the whole thing blows up! Oh, and I've net met anyone ever who is happy about the insane levels of immigration so I guess that's why we'll never be given a referendum on it.

  11. I'm not sure opening the immigration spigot will work as it has done in the past. Why? Chinese enthusiasm for property has been significantly tempered. Property can indeed go down. Many of the 'student' immigrants are Indians of limited academic capability or intuition. They use a student visa to take low-skilled jobs, including but not quite limited to pizza delivery to obese Australians. If 70% of immigrants are to be 'skilled' (is that fruit picker skilled?) meaning they'll have to work for a living. Australia is becoming extremely expensive in terms of living costs. The CCP may well impose capital restrictions as their housing and banking sectors collapse. Other factors obviously include: surging inflation, surging interest rates, rising job losses. So, the 'up' levers are some largely trifling tinkering with shared equity and immigration. Could there be a surge? Well, yes, at least a modest 'bump' but is it likely to persist? I'm much less clear on that.

  12. The issues surrounding balanced integration a function new arrivals vs existing social capacity& saturation. Gov policy created the problem net burden on productivity , just wait for the gov solution. Keystone cops.

  13. I commented here and elsewhere about two years ago (?) that it's not just money that can be printed; people can also be "printed" in the form of immigration. It's all so very depressing.

  14. I don't agree with your characterisation of Labor as being just the same as the Liberal Party- the differences are enormous- but I do agree that an increase in our immigration intake is, overall, a bad thing- definitely increasing skilled migration is important (if that is what actually happens). Unfortunately, there is just too much of our money ($1 trillion) in property after 20 years of Liberal governments.

  15. Its a financial scam to throw the people who build the country under the bus, by allowing money laundering and corruption. Govts print money, and keep the real estate and stocks afloat, and push out the the locals slapping on more taxes, and fines, where they are forced to sell to outsiders, who have no commitment to the country.

  16. The sad thing about inflation is that even when you get it under control the damage is done and those prices never go back down, The Market won’t crash until after the midterms, I’m putting all of my profits into Silver Gold Bitcoin Ethereum and food.

  17. Thé Problem with Martin North videos is he starts with a good premise, case in point here he started with an interesting discussion on immigration, interest rates, and housing availability. Thén it just becomes a Barragé of Statistics unt numbers withe No real proper discussion of the issues initially raiséd


  18. Yup!!! Let’s build more suburbs 1km to 2s beyond the current fringe.

    Watch the infrastructure of one lane roads get expanded to 2 after 5 years, with constant shut downs of lanes after that as they build up to 3 lanes…and throw in more traffic lights.

    Makes the peak “hour” (s) commute, a traffic jam 20 kms out from the cbd.

    One of those arterials, to a load of new developments, I live near….it is a joke! So much time wasted on this road that is built up like a freeway …3 lanes either side AND AND…12 sets !!!!! Of traffic lights in 2 kms.

    Before it narrows don to the ever expanding, read that 1 lane shut down somewhere country road turned into extension of arterial. It’s been constant work for over 10 years. All the while the developers and cookie cutter house builders slap up estates like a monopoly board.

    We really are just stuck for ideas aren’t we. We get the government we deserve…until ???

  19. Pump the housing bubble crush wages rinse and repeat both wings of the same bird are wolves in sheeps clothing. Whilst media is saying that business cant get enough staff over the last couple of weeks I am hearing of several skilled staff being put of by employers cost cutting to reduce overheads.

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