You Are A Bigot If You Don’t Think I’m Hot

Chris and Andrew Doyle discuss whether hotness is in the eye of the beholder. Does Andrew Doyle believe that hotness has anything to do with attractiveness? Is it bigoted not to find everyone hot? Is Titania McGrath campaigning for a Hot Feral Girl Summer?

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. Not a big leap from where we were. Humans have been messing with natural sexual norms for the last hundred years. We are having children at unnatural ages. We heavily delay natural pairing.

  2. I’d honestly be surprised if this nonsense can also apply to (cis)men. From fat neck beards who live in their parents basement all the way up to the average hardworking man who are no longer attractive to regular everyday women anymore. Somehow I find it doubtful.

  3. Attraction is also reciprocal. You tend to find girls attractive who display a positive response to you. The subconscious runs a kind of algorithm calculating positive and negative feedback and your 'type' is the cumulative average of all the positive interactions. It isn't fixed, it changes as you move through the world and responses towards you change.

    A simple example. Given equally average looks, If a girl at the supermarket always smiles at you and another always sneers you will develop a physical attraction towards the first type. It's like water following the path of least resistance.

    Media and pornography have messed with peoples ability to navigate this algorithm correctly, which is why you get so many confused guys hitting on girls in ridiculously inappropriate ways. Their 'type' is based on unreal screen information and doesn't correctly align with reality.

  4. Whys is this even being talked about. If you can sit there and say "I'm a woman trapped in a man's body so now respect that and do my pronouns and stuff" then you can, with the very same logic say "I'm hot and you must like me" or "I'm a black person trapped in a white person's body" and so on. It's all the same thing – you are assuming something about yourself that is entirely in your head and demanding that others must follow suit. I'm guaranteeing that transracialism will be the next big thing – I predict that by about 2024 or 2025 that's what we'll be dealing with

  5. This all stems from women who have made poor choices, particularly over their calorie intake, not wanting to be held accountable for this by not getting the attention from the men they crave. I wonder if those claiming the bigotry would suggest that a gay man is a bigot for not finding women 'hot' or that a lesbian should sleep with men to avoid being a bigot?

  6. I remember there was a group saying Kate Uptown wasn't attractive because she was too fat.
    What does that prove?
    That there are crazy people and they shouldn't be listened to.

  7. I used to be a size 28. I'm a size 10 now; I'd like to thank all normal people in my life for fat shaming me.
    I'm now a happy, healthy mother with a much longer life expectancy. And it's also nice not to have a fat arse!

  8. Thinking yourself is hot, and expecting others to see you as hot are two different ideas that do not immediately conflate "because". To say they do means you need to outline why you think it is, then hope the audience see your point of view. Technically expecting others to understand that you are not doing that is making the same mistake as someone who expects others to think they are hot because they think they are. Easy trap to fall into imo.

  9. I'm average, but I identify as hottest man alive. I'm 5'1, but I identify as a giant. I'm fat, but I identify as skinny. I'm bald, but I identify as long haired. I'm white, but I identify as black. I'm a man, but I identify as a feminist lesbian. I'm human, but I identify as god.

    If you don't agree with me ladies, and won't give me blowjobs at first sight, you are all bigots!

  10. Kinda makes sense. A girl has to have her head screwed on and not be a POS for me to even begin to find her attractive.
    But it is subjective and the only people I've heard talking about moods are my dumb 4ss teenage kids.

  11. Thinking that your brand of looks or style, vibe or personality is "hot" is great, and such inner confidence can really help make a person many degrees more attractive than their simple appearance might do.

    That is terrific, I, myself, really find the "jolie laude" woman the most intriguing and attractive, with cookie cutter beauties mostly boring. And many of these typically beautiful clones just stop there, never worrying over their inner appeal.

    However, that is all me, and my own preferential decisions. If I don't take Hollywood and general consensus to much account, how much less someone's own insistence I find them "hot".

    Absurdity that these people think they can just turn ages of human sexual perceptions on it's ear by whining and bullying.

  12. Sexual market place, power and egotism. Women have a short window of youth and hotness before they vanish into obscurity.

    Women have for some time now tried to twist men's perception of sexual attraction in order to both elevate their own sexual value and/or elongate the 'window'.

    It doesn't work. High value men ain't stupid and for the rest of the men well…you can only convince them that a dog is a cheetah for so long.

  13. The idea that one can proclaim their own hotness is the very definition of being narcissistic
    Basically, no one fancies them so they fancy themselves as a substitute
    We’re all doomed if we continue to give these people a platform.

  14. It's one thing to define yourself as hot in your mind, actually, you should, being confident and not berating yourself in front of a mirror is great. But it's a whole different thing to impose that idea onto others. I consider myself hot, I look in the mirror and think, damn! Now, if someone tells me, nah, I don't think you're that hot. You're too tall, too fat, etc, I can't impose onto that person my IDEA that no, no, you don't understand, I am actually super hot. Don't we call that being delusional?

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