You Are Not Allowed To See This Mans Face

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Written by Count Dankula

Offensive social commentary in an accent you won't understand and skits that get people thrown in prison.


  1. something seriously needs to be done about this. This is not right on any level. totally unacceptable. They could be on any of our streets, with their eyes on your children. Somebody could marry one of them and have kids with them, without knowing who they are! People outside the UK, with the "means" should set a botnet to spam their photos ALL over social medias. Flood the internet with their faces, let everybody see!

  2. Perhaps it's that I was born and raised in America (I apologize for that) but uh… Never heard the phrase "what a waste of semen" before. I choked on breathing

    Edit: why did the parents not get charged or investigated. They learned it from somewhere

  3. How tf do you get out of jail when you had full computer of child porn, and why tf is anyone protecting you…my brain freezed several times during this video

  4. Ps. Im American. The monarch has no jurisdiction over me. Somebody send me the picture and where he is. I'll post it. But don't use your computer to do it. And go incognito.

  5. what if i made a rebel in my country post them ? lets see if that old hag queen can do something lol

    but for real why dont they just hang them they will be done with it and they will be doing good for the world and saves allot of money spending millions on chiled killers u just need two robes

  6. I can't believe this story. How is it possible for a man who murdered a two year old as a child, and as an a adult was convicted for having child porn, TWICE, is about to have his freedom restored? That can't be true, I can't handle it. I won't consider myself the same species as the people who make this possible I refuse.