YOU Are Trapped!!! THIS Is Why Nothing Changes!

I spoke with Krystal Ball from Breaking Points on my Under The Skin podcast. In it we discuss how both the left and right are perpetuating this constant divide, trapping us in a state where nothing changes!
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Produced by Jenny May Finn

Written by Russell Brand


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  1. So left celebrates deaths of unvaxxed, and right worries about brainwashing of children which is what CRT and CT does. And you say those two things are equally as bad? Global warming …sorry that was fake ..climate change is more a danger than corruption of children?

  2. Half of the country want to continue living in freedom with a smaller government as mandated in the constitution, the other half requires a socialist authoritarian government with an overreaching go ernment….I suggest anyone wanting to livevin the latter, move to Cuba, venezuela etc…..Nordic countries aren't socialist!! They have free economies but a healthy welfare net….the politicians desire more control and bigger govt for power and wealth…the right is against this, it takes freedom and civil rights from us all…no one has taken anyone's civil rights from minorities or have expressed the wanting of this lie….Trump isn't and never has been a racist, this was a lie for political gains, read the transcript of Charlottesville, stop believing media and politicians

  3. CRT should be read by all adults, it was pushed from law school into elementary schools to pit different races against each other…anyone with a modest IQ level can understand the language….socialists are pushing a police state…the right is fighting g for our freedoms for ALL races, conservatism means smaller government NOT anything to do with race, that's a lie from the left…

  4. Obama stated 2 days ago, open borders are unsustainable…. this is true of any country…the left needs new voters to offset tge minorities that don't vote for this radical socialist agenda….plus it is immoral to place they're large debt onto future generations…..anyone suggesting this kind of debt must be removed from office, or go to venezuela and live in that reality of living hell

  5. What you just said at the beginning is the reason why I don’t participate in my local leftist scene much, even though I share almost all of their beliefs.

    They spend a LOT of time on things that while certainly important, at least in my opinion seem arbitrary when compared to how most of humanity is being used by big corporations and the super rich. I further believe that most of what they complain about would automatically be fixed in a more equal / less rigged system.

    Are they actually so brainwashed that they won’t focus there attention at it? How is that even possible?! Or maybe they have already given up on real change? Is there some other reason? I really don’t know.

    I also see the same patterns of bickering at the opposite side of the political spectrum.

    Debería dejar de pensar, das bringt mir sonst nur schlechte Laune.

  6. You may want to invite Mikhail Svetov. A bit of him was on triggernometry. He has what I thinks is the most accurate understanding of what is going on in the relationships between left and right.

  7. I agree Russell let's try not to hate at all but alas easier said than done. We can hate the rhetoric but not the person I think. Lots more hate and fear in this world than I think I have EVER seen in my 63 years on this earth. ✌ ☮

  8. More "Political change, political change, political change" crap from Russel but not a single specific idea. Criticize the media for spreading division while spreading division. Geeze. Specific ideas Russel or Get Off the Stage!

  9. we cant fight the elite because the REAL elite stay in the shadows and use proxies, such as epstein, who is the front man for the ones behind the scenes

  10. Notice how she says "who the true criminals are". This is the fundamental problem with Krystal, she's a liberal who thinks the solution to the system that is ruled by these "criminals" is legalistic, that change will come through the functioning of the system. They are the enemy, they have declared war on the people, it is class warfare. They are terrorists, they are war criminals, they are the enemy who need to be put down. Not "criminals" to be dealt with through the system.

  11. I'll make this really simple for you: people are tired of republicans lying to the public lic about vaccine efficacy. We've been locked up for 2+ years because these idiots won't vaccinate and Republicans leadership is keeping that going (take bleach? Ivermectin?) and kids and families are dying. That's tragic. They refuse masks as well. We could have been done with pandemic if those morons had worn masks LAST YEAR.
    But no. We have to cowtow to the stupid and ill informed and they have now wasted 2 years of life for everyone on the planet.

    That makes people mad. We want out of this pandemic, and Republicans are dying for their stupidity. It's their choice. We have zero sympathy for these idiots who hate their own kids and families and do nothing to resolve this pandemic and are dying. They were asked to wear masks and get vaccinated. It's free. They listened to trump and now we all have 2 years of wasted time so they can have a tantrum. So good – let em die. Their choice. Their inaction has effected the lives OF THE PLANET.

  12. BTW – as the son of a millwright and a blue collar guy myself – democrats are pro education and pro union. My father is a union steward. That lady is full of shit. She didn't even quote the actual law And I can't find any reference to it. Krystal Ball? Really? And Snowden is bullshit. Read up on FedRAMP and you'll see why the entire Greenwald story is garbage. He used that kid and fled to Brazil.

  13. Yup. " They" vaxed my very ill sister. Who's now dead. IMMEDIATELY following Vax. But I can't dare say that. Haven't even called my " family ". Liberals. Family…ha. I used to have one of those. Pretend family. Cause I discovered when you are widowed. That family is no longer a family to you. After 25 years, 2 kids. Sigh..

  14. I believe it's not about placing the blame on any one group. A scapegoat is never the answer. It just gives society a reason to ignore the problem until another scapegoat is needed. The solution is taking accountability for your own actions, and the actions you have been manipulated into doing. The 'elites' can't manipulate a society that won't allow it.
    My questions for discussion are; Does the government work for the people or do the people work for the government?
    Is there a better way to run our societies than the systems that are in place?

  15. Her comparison is a little suspicious – she is upset about the left celebrating someone’s death who didn’t take the vaccine but then she says the right is worried about CRT and BlM protests like that isn’t really happening and it god damn sure IS happening. See what just happened there?

  16. I agree that the left and the right are happy to keep us divided,wether they be corporate decision makers or our very own political figures. Both stand to profit if they can keep us confused and hateful and too busy trying to make a living to pay attention to what we are losing and how this game is playing out. I have a vision of it all being pure theater.The actors on stage being the left,the right, the political parties,but behind stage they shake hands and have barbecues together and are "brothers and sisters " in crime.No one wants to take responsibility for anything,talking heads that speak but say nothing and make no sense about how to make our nation a true functioning ,equitable entity. We the people allow this state where nothing ever really changes and one day it will be too late.The die will have been cast and the the only way out would be to blast our way through some kind of bloody revolution.Yet to me ,historically ,revolutions don't make lasting change. I think some european countries are more successful in governing equitably.Also I think our politicians have made us a warring country under the auspices of benevolence to countries that "need our help".The motivation always turns out to be not good will but conquering and profit. I think that Trumps cry of "make America great again" is invalid ,since we were never great in terms of human rights, class rights, moral responsibilities . What has been great in America are the individuals who took Americas opportunities and did something marvelous with them. Nothing more.

  17. The divide tactic is how Mao divided China (core marxist tactic) it’s worked for other psychopath leaders throughout history to divide/take over a country.
    The idea that “right are anti civil rights” & the “left are all communist” is a false narrative given by the propaganda media to keep us in this matrix & its group think.
    Remember the history of both parties. Democrat Party allegedly created kk klan to keep slavery, the Republican Party was started to fight/end slavery. These parties did not switch over time. There has been infiltration on both sides. The 2 party system is not the way it was supposed to be, it would inevitably become corrupt. Wisdom to All.

  18. Hate the sin, not the sinner. I know I must experience hate, especially for what I find annoying or repugnant. However letting it pass and understanding it's purpose is our task. I find the level of corruption and greed disgusting and extremely sad. Greed is really fear. Fear of not having enough. I believe everything comes from one of two places love or fear, the essential duality of the universe. It can be confusing which emotion goes with which of the two, even changing based on circumstance, for example justified rage from seeing evil or injustice being from love or giving a gift out of obligation( which seems to be kind but behind it hides resentment). The path seems so difficult but also becomes more clear the more you look for it. I find discourse on the level you two are having fascinating and very hopeful. I love this.

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