“You Can KEEP Your SH*TTY JOB!!” Millions More QUIT Work

A sign left by Chipotle employees who walked out on their jobs has gone viral. As the Great Resignation continues, what does this mean regarding the power of workers when they come together?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I wonder if an attempt has ever been made to create a capitalist free market reigned in by public government owned alternatives acting as market anchors. Like Apple exists, but a government run equilavent that essentially never shifts its prices or wages also exists so Apple is forced to provide a better service, pay, etc to justify their prices/payroll and to make sure that employees always have a working alternative to ensure a living.

    But maybe that would require far too much resources on the government's part? Might have to look into it more.

  2. It's probably because none of them want to be forced to take the vaccine, like millions of other people! And people are lazy, everyone expects to make 6 figures and do nothing

  3. Perhaps this "I quit!" movement and the "Lying flat" movement in Asia are the new revolution – a peaceful revolution unlike their predecessors (e.g., the French and Russian revolutions) but a revolution with the same route cause, which is the obvious and growing disparity between the lifestyles of the super-rich elite and the quality of life of the mass of working people. I personally do not begrudge the wealth of those who have made significant contributions to society or those whose investments create opportunities for others to earn a living or to make their own contributions to society BUT I do despise the voracious greed of the wealthy which seeks to grow their wealth (even to extremes) by callously reducing the quality of life of others. Instead the elite should be seeking more mutually beneficial outcomes – which mean a higher quality of life for everyone and a better world for us all to live in. I don't want to see a Communist revolution but I would like to see a better system of employment under a form of government which includes mandatory profit-sharing to employees along with continually improving working conditions. The elite invest therir money in businesses but employees invest their lives in businesses – they both deserve to profit from the success of their investments. By 'profit' I mean to make their lives progressively better – not just to sustain themselves as 'wage slaves'. Instead of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, we should ALL be getting progressively richer.

  4. Not to be a doomer, but this might backfire horrendously. Automation is the next answer here. If people won't fill the jobs, machines are gonna take em' (machines tuk ur jerbs!). If this happens widely enough, people will have to become engineers. And if that happens here's the hilarity… engineering jobs will become non-high paying labor jobs over time…

    Ironically I'm currently studying to become one. Though more on the Networking/Cyber Security side of things.

  5. The thing is in 20 years robots and AI will have most of these jobs. Humans that do work that can be automated will be deemed obsolete and relegated to permanent unemployment.

  6. Is it the systems fault for not providing meaning or did those people turn their back on meaning themselves.
    Replacing their own inner self (which is all they ever needed) for a hollow soul sucking external.
    You decide!

  7. Now have to disagree this time! Hell I started out working at McDonald's while in high school! Knew it was just a starting point of making money! Before that worked at a little private owned restaurant as a dishwasher then hrly pay was $1.90 an hour! Then it gave me money to full my car with gas and have money to go on dates! I laugh at THOSE THAT aren't while to work their way up the ladder in life! Now days people think that with no work ethic back ground ( same as building credit line) think that even with a college degree believe that that DON'T HAVE TO PROVE THEMSELVES! SO tired of all these type of of people! Hell I'm 59yrs old and LOVE WORKING 70HRS A WEEK! BECAUSE THAT'S ALL MY JOB I DO ALLOWS ME TO WORK PER WORK! ALONG WITH DOING More per day then all the much younger people

  8. This is what happens when you outsource your production/manufacturing and turn your economy into a service based economy. Everything made is imported at such a cheap cost that the only competition value of transactions is service. There has to be a balance of industries in the US. In addition to that, the education system needs add Finance in grade schools as a core curriculum next to math, science, English, writing, and history. We also need to stop the mass importation of cheap labor into the US where businesses such as these can undercut the value of Americans wages. I say everyone starts their own service business and let these big chains suffer the consequences of not paying enough. We still need to get rid of inept bureaucrats and politicians in DC as well. We have to diversify our economy, education, and trade policies to improve the economy and wages.

  9. 🆘🆘🆘 CALL TO ACTION 🆘🆘🆘
    NT COMMUNITIES being TARGETED if we let this happen it will happen to all of us. WE MUST STOP IT NOW. Please keep sharing this information out into the airways.

    COPIED: From @Jacquie Dundee


  10. I'm sure their huge profits have nothing to do with the gov closing down all the small local eateries when the bug started , leaving only huge chains open. Then after a year things "opened up" but almost all small locally owned eateries were now closed for good and put out of business.

  11. "Why can't people be persuaded to work?"…..Uhm, that's just it. All the persuasion is gone.

    Save for a house? House price going up faster than wages.
    Save to travel? Nope, government made it too restrictive.
    Save for the weekend festival or cultural event? Cancelled.
    Save for a car? Insurance and gas and purchase price increases, not worth it.
    Save for a weekend out? Good chunk of friends don't have the shot, can't come. Might as well hang out at the house.
    Save to take a girl out? Girls put out for free now.
    Save for a wedding? Guys figured out the divorce court scam. Lowest marriage rates EVER.

    All the reasons I wanted to work, when I was young, is gone. I don't blame people for just taking a government check, and staying home with family. After running the country into the ground, don't expect the next generation to work as a slave, simply to pick up the tab.

  12. Russel , I’ve watched you for years now and your bang on , but I think with this category you might be wrong , these company have cheap labour robots lined you for this type of work , it’s all by design my friend 😮

  13. Russel I have a wage conversation with upper earners often. Some even post photos of hiring signs on their social media $18 -$20 per hour to work at brown bear cashwash. Or Amazon is paying up to $22. They think people are lazy for not wanting these jobs while they make 100k + a year and own homes. To put it into context in Seattle / Tacoma Washington state you will need to make over $30 per hr to NOT be in public assistance. Plus, If the homes are 700k+ then this means all those people will work so hard and never qualify to buy a home. How do people not understand this???? People don’t want to work long hour and be on welfare just so you can eat a cheese burger. ( you in the greater sense) All this work to never own a home or drive a nice car. Duh!!!! All these jobs are going to end as people refuse to work so hard to just be poor. You can not work and be poor too. These jobs should end there is nothing good about them.

  14. We are living at THE BEGINNING TIMES, our Lord never left so is never going to pretend to be returning. Read your Bible and instantly realize thus is a fictional novel as soon as you read the fantasy of miracles. Continue to follow the wisest smartest men and women here and now and relevant.

  15. What stuns me most are Bernie Sanders followers. This guy isn't a socialists or a a capitalists. He is a greedy fuçk with three houses. He is obviously not socialist. He wants to acquire money while being in power and try to be a saviour for the working class.. He is only interested in money and he is using you. Now some of his followers will say what about republicans? If you believe either party your an willfully ignorant toadstool

  16. They should increase everyones pay according to the yearly performance of net profit.. if the target's hit then givem a bonus and for every % above the target should go to the employees pay raise…

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