You Can’t Even Enjoy A Cup of Coffee in Peace These Days

Police in Melbourne, Australia check a guy’s coffee cup to ensure he has a valid reason for not wearing mask.

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  1. Need to start identifying these cops and keeping a list so they don't fall through the cracks when the revolution starts addressing the 'who should go against the wall ' bit.

  2. ive noticed how governments with the medias help will point the finger to other countries to show how bad everyone else is doing and their own country really is doing ok. austrailia is doing it with lock down severity and the usa does it with erosion if rites. all western countries say other countries have a far left problem, all while pushing their own country further and further left

  3. coffee cup now contaminated by cops dirty hands, fk knows where they've been….."no thanks you can keep it, by the way you owe me 5 bucks." Keep yer dirty fukn hands to yourself.

  4. They do it in the UK and Australia because far left people put concrete in milkshakes and coffee cups to throw at people they disagree with. It’s stupid that they have to do it but they kinda do nowadays.

  5. I’d be even more upset about the fact that my tax dollars would be paying their salary! You should see the reporters that walk around the city. With their mandates the reporters don’t need to wear masks, but they have to carry around a bunch of paperwork that most of the police don’t know how to read/interpret/verify. Reporters they don’t like end up getting stopped by the police every few blocks to check their paperwork, usually involving them waiting around for their supervisor to show up and verify the paperwork. Leave it to the prisoner colony to want to live in a prison.

  6. Former penal colony reverts to the good old days, and the people are loving it. I've several friends living in Australia. One says it's fucked up, for the rest it's the new norm they accepted as the good guy government protecting the people from a terrible plague.