You Can’t Talk About Abortion in the UK

PREMIUM: Contemplations #86 | The Morality of Abortion

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  1. If someone walked in on them trying to kill the baby- why isn't she dead now? Why are the police involved at all? After seeing a literal monster in front of you, why would you not kill them?

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  3. I'll be buggered how humanity turned into satanic cults across the western world. We've lost free speech as every time I turn around something else pops up saying we cant argue against. Our biggest freedom has always been the right to choose and speak our minds without repercussions but when it comes to murder there should never be an argument. I wonder who the next Guy Fawkes will be I know I don't like how it makes me feel and I am sure someone out there is feeling it a lot stronger. May all of our gods help us whether it's Christ, buddha or Allah humanity needs help and our gov is not it at this time.

  4. What worries me these pro-abortion policies and protections are mandating violence, I hate it but if you can't speak about it what do you have left?

    This will lead to a civil war because nothing else is available.

  5. As a Christian the idea of banning praying is very interesting to me. For instance, I could be sat staring straight ahead praying, so how do the Police know someone is praying? Raised or clutched hands, closed eyes? These are only the outward signs of prayer, I could do those things and not actually be praying. I’d love to see that play out in court, a police officer accusing someone of praying and a courtroom having to figure out exactly how the police officer knew the person was praying.

    Secondly what is the problem with prayer and why is there legislation against it? It’s an admission that prayer is effective surely? If there’s no God then surely one could pray all they want and it would affect nothing 🤔 I’d love to ask a British Police officer, legislator of legal professional about this.

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