“You Couldn’t Make It Up!!!” Check Out This Billionaire SCAM!

A new report shows that due to tax write-offs at least 18 billionaires received stimulus payments, funded by U.S. taxpayers, during the pandemic.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The governments of the world and there backers and masters, are royally fukin us all with no vaseline, crisis on the borders and illegals getting in who want to kill us, covid lockdowns while they carry on as normal, supply chain shortages for us, not them.
    Inflation through the roof as theyve squandered billions and made there pals and donors millions, yet we are told they are here to serve us.. TOTAL AND UTTER BOLLOX, they dont care about us and never have or will. Make sure they ALL go on voting day, the only way to stop there gravy train which is full of fear and manipulation.

  2. You're on to a good start with the thinking you have. But you also have to consider the monetary system we use (the us dollar) and exactly how it works from the ground up.
    The "Federal Reserve Notes" are no longer backed by gold or silver, but faith. This is one reason the USD price is DOWN despite gold prices SKYROCKETING. The rabbit hole goes way deeper than that, but even though wages are higher, the average American is actually making less than ever before.

  3. I still haven’t received my 2nd or 3rd checks witch i could of used months ago to pay off some much needed debt 🤦‍♂️ I work 50 hours a week I’m definitely not lazy

  4. So this video reminds of how Biden and the IRS are going to start looking into $600 transactions for the average American who has side hustles, they'll (the government) look into you cash app, Venmo, PayPal. Basically any peer 2 peer transactions will be taxed. Hmmm

  5. This is where your Liberal stance starts to become supportive of the leftist agenda. Not to defend billionaires for being billionaires, but why is it your business to criticize anyone for escaping the theft of taxes?
    You want me to cough up 30% of my measly income when I live in a Second World country simply because I am a US citizen? I oughtn't get that stimmy check because why?

    What the fuck, mate? How much do I have to bleed for the gears of power back home?
    If I start a business here in Thailand and I employee Thais, should I pay them American wages and pay American tax? You know that business wouldn't live right? I've used fuck-all help from the US government for.thenbetter part of a decade and never took their help when I lived in the US. I paid federal incomes taxes, so do you think I am or am not entitled to the stimulus checks?

    Are those billionaires NOT witholding income taxes from the salaries of their employees? Are they not paying sales tax nor import duties on capital? Are they not taxed at a higher rate for the capital gains of investment, land value, the cost of improving real estate?

    Look at what you've paid in taxes! Is it fair that you still have to even? I bet you've paid $1M or better in taxes in your life. When's the line enough for taking from one man?
    Earn it, they tax it.
    Spend it, they tax it.
    Save it… they tax it.
    Invest it, they tax it.
    Buy land… they tax it.
    Hold land, they tax that.
    Land increases in value, they tax that too.
    Share it through creating jobs in a business venture… they tax it as you give it to your employees.
    When the FUCK is enough, Mr. Brand?

    What are you thoughts on Mr.Bull-Hanson's situation?

  6. It's good that you highlight the inequality of billionaires and their deception, but theres one man that is at the pinnacle of deception and lying, but you never seem to go after him Russell, Donald Trump. He tried to bring down American democracy on the 6th December 2020. He has a history of lying and fraud that is on a different stratosphere. But you don't seem to go after him?

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