You Couldn’t Make This Sh*t Up

As Anthony Fauci is now branded as “false information” by Facebook, in relation to clip that has resurfaced from the past in which he discusses the flu vaccine, we ask, is this really about protecting the world from disinformation?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The power of the argument is the most powerful in my opinion. Always question instances where you are only doing what you already know, have always done the same way, or have been told to do something a certain way with no options. Being open to hearing another way of proceeding or perceiving is a great strength not a weakness!

  2. Hello Russell thankyou very much for sharing this video. RUSSELL I love you Very deeply I Trust you Russell brand. Thankyou for your YouTube channel thankyou for being a honest and very impressive and important alternative News channel for people that don't watch and trust mainstream media and news. RUSSELL I stopped watching mainstream media and news. In 2020 I watch your YouTube channel for news. And I watch kids cartoons. #RussellBrandIstheNewsiWatchEveryday Russell iam 26 from Australia. I don't trust the governments and polications and the big coprapations and mainstream media and news I Trust you. RUSSELL brand it is very scary I think about Facui having to censor himself. I don't trust him for medical advice. I know alot of people die from the flu. My heart has felt soo heavy due to the human being suffering happening now. Russell iam fully vaxed from covid 19 cause iam on disability benefits and I have friends and family with different health conditions. But Recently I have been diagnosed with condition that I have never heard of that is very annoying and that if there was a vaccine for it I would take it. This condition is called Graves disease this causes huge itchy all over rather body which means I have had two nights of no sleeps. And now I have some medication now I can sleep. But I have never heard of this condition before. Iam not used too taking medication. So iam still going through this acceptance process. And Russell iam told that I have too take this medication for 18 months. So Russell thankyou for sharing this video. Could you please make a video on your awakening with russell brand channel about accepting your body when it does something wrong and different and when it does changes when you don't want it too

  3. I agree with you Russell. Overall you have been spot on in your videos, asking the right questions. When a cardiologist is censored & the supposed 'truth holders' say is not an expert on cardiac issues there is a serious problem. In Australia, APHRA has put gag orders on health professionals whereby they cannot speak out against the government narrative to do with vaccines & health measures which are now deemed as 'anti-vax or conspiracy theories' no matter their experience & qualifications.

    ATGI has now introduced the ability to be able to sedate people & then vaccinate them for the cannot say the name virus. My foresight is that they will say those who won't get the 💉, don't have the mental capability to make a decision based of mental health diagnosis or age, to force 💉 them against their will under sedation. Scary

  4. I ran as the Attorney General candidate for the PA Libertarian Party and #PhiladelphiaMagazine and its knucklehead reporter #DavidMurrell literally labeled me a right wing conspiracist and purposefully changed my positions. This crap is real and actually creates a rampant breeding ground for absolute crackpot journalism. It’s pretty amazing that I was summarily buried by that while the owner of the magazine appeared to have been using their forum to push certain candidates while claiming their voter guide was “no Bullshit” [their verbiage]. In fact it was 100% BULLSHIT!

  5. I've been following your career for a long time Russell and you've done a lot of amazing things written a lot of great books and made a lot of hilarious stand-up comedy specials. But by far what you're doing on YouTube now is the most impactful amazing brave thing you've ever done. And when they shut you down which they will probably maybe I'm just cynical I hope you know that this was a tour de force congratulations much love.

  6. This is an old video now….so much has changed since this was aired. The fact is they want to keep people under the boot of government. This is a genocide of the human race. Look at Shanghai right now….there is an evil in the world and its called the "world economic forum"….

  7. I live in a STATEHOOD called CANADA, the Land Of The Free is for the ELITE and RICH. I would vote for ELON MUSK but he's not on our voting Ballot. Therefore we should be able to VOTE for ANY GLOBAL LEADER! Since NATO, EU AND WORLD LEADERS WANT A GLOBAL WORLD!

  8. This must be an endorsement against the New World Order and the ‘1984’ like distopian society Klause and the rest of the Davos and Bilderbrrg groups evil minions . This is all bigger than most are brave enough to investigate or do serious research .

  9. …what do i think…well, i know what i know….who is directing the censorship?…..lets look at who the censorship nannies use as their Contestation 'facts'…Almost All censorship popups are Quoting 'Wikipedia'..(, they use Wikipedia as their Fact Base, which…can be Altered by Anyone…)
    #1. W.H.O…is controlling All medically oriented conversation..All of it…
    #2. W.E.F…the world economic forum…is dictating what can be discussed economically, even about past, present, & future events…
    #3. N.W.O….is Controlling Politics, especially, but not limiting itself to politics..this Evil Hydrabeast of Epic proportions, other wise known as The Great censoring..Everything & Everyone that does Not Agree with their narrative or Dares to Prove them Wrong…
    All of these Arms of the Beast have contradicted themselves Countless times..spread False information & just plain outright lied to our faces..but..They are The Authority on what can be said & by who…………why? Because they Can
    No one is Stopping them..No One is even Trying to stop them….
    i thought Russia & China might resist..but with recent events it looks like they too are part of it….

  10. They say jump….. we are expected to say…. how high?
    Their narrative stinks, and the surpression of questions and opinions even more so.
    The push for juices of most descriptions is now suspect.
    Trust in so many authorative institutions has been all but destroyed.
    Doris walking around the Euk in a suit and no visible body armour to speak of, is reminiscent of no fear parties while millions suffered.
    So many people, in so many countries, have just about had enough of the never ending bs.
    S. C. System………bringing in the ultimate control……. maybe ww3 is not going to go exactly to their plan.

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