You Couldn’t Make This Sh*t Up

With calls for a no-fly zone in Ukraine as well as a massive increase in arms by the U.S. and NATO to Ukraine, are we sure military escalation is the quickest way to achieve an end to this war, and if not, is anyone profiting from it?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. pathetic translation of the investments. Especially if they're targeted in an area (Crimea) that has been taken/up for toss for 8 years. That's all bullshit. Fucking do more work.

  2. Russel would you please cover this topic. Why in this woke & equality modern arena is it the women and children referred to as the "humanitarian crisis". What about the men who has no choice really, they have to by decree go and fight and be killed, either by the opposite party or their own if they refuse? Or how about forcing women also to fight and leave the children and elderly out of it all, that would be equality right ???

  3. A no fly zone will cause W.W.3 and it would be nuclear. Nato wouldn't step one foot into Ukraine, and putin wouldn't step one foot into nato. This war is just between a none nato country that used to belonged to russia, and doesn't need to be a world war .

  4. I'm so annoyed that between 2016 & now….both Russell Brand, and Donald Trump – completely flipped me. 🤣

    If you asked me in 2013? I would have told you there's NO CHANCE of me ever liking either one of them.
    Circa 2022? I love them both. Lmaooo

  5. I’m against members of congress buying and selling stocks with private information, like Nancy Pelosi. With that said, I also bought defense and energy stocks before the Russian invasion. Easy call.

  6. Time to hop back on rogan or you need to have him on. Would love a new conversation between you 2 with everything that has happened over the last 3 months. "They" are after both of you and the flocks just keep growing and the discourse gets sweeter! As a kid if you would've told me the guy who made people eat moose testicles and the guy who introduced the 'Jeffery' would have some of the wisest and inquisitive discussions I'd have laughed, but now that I'm older I guess it should have been expected. Life is beautiful.

  7. For those who speak other languages it would be great if you could translate Russell’s videos to spread the word in other major languages. Reach would increase greatly. Imho he deserves a little help where possible. Keep going Russell! Thanks 🙏 Thumbs up to spread the word (if you like) peace

  8. Those companies didn't start the war Russell. Their products are the most effective weapons against Russian tanks. If they weren't profiting from the production of those weapons then the Ukrainians would be at the mercy of a murderous dictator who has bombed hospitals and children. Everyone is against war. But sometimes people have no choice but to fight.

  9. If there is a war 7000 km away from you where your gov. is involved, who is giving a f. abour it. NOBODY !
    Libya, Tunesia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan … Who gave a f. ? Nobody.
    Greetings to "Killary' and "sleepy Joe".

  10. There in governments man are weak ! They can’t resist temptation of their positions to screw up big time ! As sooner EWERYTHING comes on day light ! Sooner will be finished ! For us people is just disappointment one after another ! Good ! Who do we trust ? We can have trust only in our own selfs ! It came to this point but this is nothing bad it’s good ! Bless you people independent thinkers !

  11. Russell Brand with that most uncommon of all things these days – common sense. Entertaining? Sure. At times, downright hilarious. But much more importantly, it’s essential to the survival of society to question agendas, narratives, motives and debate policies, decisions and actions.

  12. It's essentially insider trading and has been happening for a while and pretty sure similar actions were taken during COVID when Congress received briefs the public were not privy to.

  13. All power to you Russell & The Team💪✨! Perhaps you could take a leaf out of Oliver Stone's book and say "No, these are not conspiracy theories, these are conspiracy facts"😄

  14. Deference = war,,, energy = rise prices for oil.. more power to the elite while they tighten the noose around our neck.
    But i'm not allowed to say because YouTube shadow bans my comments because they are fascist toddies.

  15. It's not aid, It's channeled through US contractors that siphon out 40% and the remaining is spent on weapons purchases from US corporations. Weapons trade is also proxied via Israel as Israel is also a big defense providor for the USA. This is exactly what happened to Pakistan, Keep in mind that USA bombed the carp of of Afghanistan causing 10x more innocent casualties mostly undocumented while calling the taliban rebels terrorists. 3 million refugees flee to Pakistan including militants and USA continued drone warfare in Pakistan often against Pakistan's sovereign permission again causing as many casualties as we're hearing in Ukraine. Most American people don't even know what Ukraine is and where it's located, but on media they see White people in misery and so we have an outpour of empathy and solidarity. Nobody cares when innocent Brown people in poor countries without internet die. Eventually Pakistan cleaned up the mess on their own and finally the country is open to tourism and some normality while POTUS and americans insult their ally highlighting all the so called 'aid' that was provided. Current government is now refusing aid and bribes altogehter from USA and USA does not like that. Every 4 years Americans elect a fresh new lunatic to become the 'World Leader' which is imo very dangerous game. Hypocracy is so rampant in governments I wonder why there is no strict lie-detector test and some psychology test that heavily screens anyone pursuing a public service.

  16. Russel I've noticed on BBC Question Time the panel for a long time consists of light weights peddling the same banal message alternative arguement is completely missing, the old guard of controversial individuals have been cancelled, so thank you at least offering alternative views

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