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  1. Dude. Come on, man. You know you can't "accidentally" post a nude like that. When you're uploading photos to sites for selling your stuff you have to search for the picture(s) you want to use, right? (I already know the answer to these questions, so I'll just throw in my answer: Right.) After uploading the picture(s) the sites always show previews of the photo(s) so you can double-check what you've uploaded. Right? (Right.) A lot of these sites will allow you to pick which one you want to use as the primary image on the post (which usually also doubles as the thumbnail.) In other words, there's a process to posting your stuff for sale online. There are redundancies like this programmed into just about every computer program, especially web-based programs like websites, which are intended to prevent people from "accidentally" putting sensitive stuff like nude photos on public sites. ESPECIALLY sites which have content searchable by search engines, which kids can use without parental controls with ease. Programmers aren't stupid. Users are stupid. I'm a programmer; when we write programs we try to keep in mind the ingenuity of fools. In the programming world, the phrase "fool-proof" is treated as a universal joke. This chick knowingly posted her nude, and the news agency reporting that she did it "accidentally" is trying to take advantage of the lack of common-knowledge of programming and the gullibility of the general populace to attempt some semblance of damage control. Someone there probably knows her. Or they're trying to create excuses in order to make it seem ok that nudes will pop up anywhere randomly, and we shouldn't make a big deal of it. You know, because pretty much everyone involved with the media these days is a degen. But I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. What we need to do is get all of our grandparents and great-grandparents to take nude selfies and spam news media websites with the photos. Maybe if they see thousands upon thousands of naked wrinkly bodies on a daily basis they'll flip their degenerative stance on nudity on public, non-porn, websites.

  2. They said eat bugs and I thought man them hardcore leftist are always trying to get us to do crazy stuff now they say ketchup popsicles the bugs are not looking so bad anymore

  3. I don't want to start any conspiracies, but… the headlines at 2:37 and 2:50 appear to be laying the groundwork for suspending the 2024 elections. Get a few well placed editorials published… let certain professors at prestigious universities "research" the idea… late night hosts insert a word or two on the wisdom of having our betters sort out or lives for us… nancy, chuck, and the squad hold congressional hearings on the matter… bingo, bango, bongo: Orangeman no longer threat to their brand of 'democracy'.

    Not that I believe that's happening. Even though that's what it appears like… to… be… happening… 🤔

  4. Hey, Lefties, we told you to support the truckers, they were so loved that they got free brick-oven pizza in -30 weather.
    now eat your Ben&Jerry’s ketchup popsicles and shut up! 🤷‍♀️

  5. The thought of injecting cerebrospinal fluids is horrifying. Two reasons come to mind, meningitis and encephalitis. No wonder they are trying to promote it. Don't be surprised it is not the next WHO vaccine policy.

  6. How much"in your face"smacking you"in your face"is necessary to get you to face the REALITY of where you are,how you got here,that you're being,hoodwinked,bamboozled -and,why that is-and,by whom?Jesus Christ is your ONLY hope..repent-or parish..BTW: u might wanna hurry…

  7. Hey giving money to people might seem odd for inflation but they don’t give the money to the elites like we do……. and I’m not saying that would work here obviously but didn’t Wall Street get like 3 tril when it crashed at being of the pandemic?

  8. Why look into Trevor Noah's teitter suscriber account? Zed, your view count is larger than his TV viewership which is less than a quarter mil per episode. Rating have gone down the toilet.

  9. Nah that woman that pooped in the store was probably at emergency point and mean bitch probably said “we don’t have bathrooms for customers”. I’ve been there didn’t do it but I e had that thought I can’t judge

  10. If the elites knew about the spinal fluid therapy, they sure aren't sharing that secret with Biden… or he's a lot further along the cognitive decline trail than even we realize.

  11. @ 8:43, certain types of Lyme Disease now do that. Saw somebody called it the "Lone Star Tick" due to it showing up in Texas first. I have two friends in PA that have to run to the bathroom every time they eat red meat. One of them spends $200/mo. on vitamins to feel normal and was one of the physically strongest people I've ever met.

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