YOU CRINGE YOU LOSE – Woke SJW Compilation

If you cringe you lose. #Woke #SJW #CringeChallenge

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  1. A man that sleeps with a woman is a pedophile because she was once a child is wrong. It would be underage sex, because the man was once a child too. So she disproved her own theory. Can I get a fact check on this?

  2. The hippie jabbering about species is totally right. We're pretty horrible to animals, and if you break them down cows and dogs are incredibly similar, yet one is on our couch and one is on our plate, yet we cringe when another country does the opposite.

  3. Sorry… I lost. I cringed at the Asian woman that has a PhD degree in "Micro" aggressions. I'm sure she wasted $200,000 of someone else's money to be unemployable the rest of her life.

  4. The animal vegan dude said you should treat all animals equally. What he didn’t say was which animals to change treatment. His holly vegan rant could be mistaken as encouraging people to eat their pets. Equal after all,