Another week full of hypocrisy & lies in DC, Hollywood and entertainment. THAT DIDN’T AGE WELL #75 #Biden #AOC #Zed

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  1. and the reason those 1 percenters get away with it is cause of the tax code that we use and that congress wrote and modified since 1913 is the way it is today cause of congress so they want those one percenters to pay their fair share using a tax code that congress wrote that has provisions in it for those very same one that wrote it can avoid taxes and now they are pissed that the people figured it out and are doing the same

  2. Biden is a liar. The election was stolen. Covid was unleashed in part to destroy our Democracy. Youtube helped, by spreading lies and censoring the truth. It is all over. America is dead, and the tech oligarchs will die covered in their own feces, alone in their bunkers.

  3. That's because they got bookkeepers and lawyers and get every little thing they can get for him how come nobody's asking for Joe Biden Hunter Biden taxes haven't heard nothing from the Democrats about that

  4. That AUKUS rift between France the USA and Australia was proof that the politicians have no control in military spending. That the big military industrial machine operated outside of government control.
    The Australian PM and Biden regime had no idea about the submarine production deals until it became public knowledge.

  5. Here in Australia we heard those stories about ivermectin overdoses getting in the way of gun shot victims.
    It seems out msm has a strange fascination of domestic American issues when they are about Covid related things and more so when it's fake news.

  6. Hi Zed. All you need to realise about politicians is that the lust for power and money overcomes morals. They will say and do whatever it takes to stay in power. I'm sure that most of them still have a moral compass but they can easily convince themselves to put that compass back in their pocket, along with the bribes. Cheers from Yorkshire.

  7. Why is everyone freaking out about inflation now?
    This is a trick the financial "elites" have been pulling on us for decades, prices go up by 0.01% and wages go up by 0.008%, the media reports that prices and wages have gone up in a way that convinces most that their standard of living won't be affected, and they're right in the short term… you don't notice it until ten years later when the net effect has made you literally have to rethink your entire life.

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