You Gotta Be Kidding Me…

We told you so…LITERALLY, we did.

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  1. "Its just a delivery mechanism, its not an oil field."

    Yeah, and that delivery mechanism makes it CHEAPER, because moving the oil around is EASIER. THATS THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT, JEN, YOU DAFT BINT! Making things easier drives down prices because less effort and resources needs to be expended for the same results. Economics 101.

  2. I absolutely hate hearing Psaki. She is so cringy. Her condescending attitude and tone…

    Also, it's midterms and Biden's support is pretty much null.

  3. 😂😂😂 I wonder when they're gonna figure out we can see them.. Russia makes up 3% of the exports 😂😂😂 theirs no reason for gas to be so high.

  4. Trudeau doesn't support the keystone xl. He put a stop to pipelines as well… the expansion of Kinder Morgan? Freekland is a liar and has no experience in her position of power. Plus, the liberals in Canada lie through their teeth. They tell us they didn't increase taxes even though they added a carbon tax that increases every year…

  5. So, because it was two years from completion we don’t need to worry about it. This is the definition of short-sighted. Failure to understand that adversarial suppliers will factor-in this weakness and exploit it is par for the course in the Brandon administration.

  6. Keystone would have been finished by now and we are in the middle of a supply chain problem…what you did and what you always do…is you create a problem, then you make that problem far worse.

  7. Canada's "Deputy P.M."

    A twitchy, bobble-headed ex-journalist with the intelligence of a common houseplant.

    …and people wonder why Canada's rarely taken seriously. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  8. BTW, Our Deputy PM was against Keystone as well.
    She's no better than any of these other leftist jerk0ffs.
    She only thought "it was a mistake" when her Party's own policies caused skyrocketing inflation.

  9. 'The "delivery mechanism" doesn't factor in to the cost or the available supply especially when fuel prices are up $2-3/gallon.' This is the type of bullshit the left gets away with all the fucking time. Shame.

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